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Garmonbozia for the soul.

Where your eyes don't go

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Colin Timothy Gagnon
11 June 1980
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I started mantaining this Livejournal when I was a computer programmer masquerading as a credit card fraud/dispute specialist, but I worked hard, applied myself, and am now a bona fide government stooge. While not a big fan of long walks on the beach at night, I'm big on stapling things together, and administering dumb looks. Oh, and I compose a lot of music and watch a lot of B-movies. But mostly the dumb looks thing.
80's music, a capella, a clockwork orange, a mighty wind, alfred hitchcock, art, b-movies, blackadder, blue oyster cult, brak, bruce campbell, cardboard, christopher guest, cics, classic literature, classic rock, classical music, cobol, coffee, coffee in drinkable forms, coffee in undrinkable forms, commander keen, computer games, crappy movies, crimsonland, cthulhu, da vinci's notebook, david lynch, day of the tentacle, denny's, depeche mode, douglas adams, douglas hofstadter, dr. who, e. e. cummings, e.e. cummings, eating robots, ed wood, eddie izzard, edward gorey, electronica, elo, elp, entrail divination, family guy, fantomas, farscape, frank zappa, geeks, h.p. lovecraft, hermit crabs, homestar runner, igor stravinsky, imaginos, indiana jones, ingmar bergman, insoc, insomnia, invader zim, jhonen vasquez, john bellairs, kids in the hall, klarbrunn, labyrinth, leisure suit larry, limerence, listing too many interests, little robot queens, madrigals, magna of illusion, mainframe programming, mainframes, modest mussorgsky, monkey island, monty python, more coffee, more coffee than that, movies, mst3k, music, music composition, musicals, mvs/tso, mythology, napoleon dynamite, nintendo, not harry potter, nyarlathotep, oingo boingo, olivia hussey, other stuff, pink floyd, pluralization, postum, potatoes, pretending i'm cool, procrastination, red dwarf, rennaisance music, robert w. chambers, robot monkeys, robots, rocky horror picture show, roger wilco, saint fuglins day, sam and max, space ghost, space quest, steve meretzky, steven levy, still more coffee, strong bad, supernatural horror, synthpop, techno, terry gilliam, tex arcana, the beatles, the king in yellow, the letter q, the nightmare before christmas, the phantom tollbooth, the simpsons, the smiths, the splu urtaf show, they might be giants, tim burton, too much coffee, twin peaks, video games, vsam, way too much coffee, weird fiction, woody allen, you, your mom, zak mckracken, zoltabrane

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