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I'd like to see more pastries with meat in them.

I was checking out Ron Gilbert's blog this morning. Know who Ron Gilbert is? 'Course you don't. Rob Gilbert was a designer for Lucasarts in the '80s and early-'90s, and created such masterpieces as Maniac Mansion, Zak McCracken, and the first two Monkey Island games. For those keeping score at home, Ron Gilbert is responsible for creating two of my top five adventure game franchises.

Anyway, Mr. Gilbert's entry for today contains reassuringly high praise for Shaun of the Dead which comes out on Friday. Among other things, he mentioned the couple of external factors that were bugging him in the theater. My favorite, lifted verbatim from his site:
2) Some idiot sitting behind me that talked to himself during the whole film. "Dear god", I kept saying to myself, "Please let someone's cell phone ring." Finally, my girlfriend turned around and told him to shut up. Girlfriends are always good for that kind of stuff because they are less likely to get punched, and if they do get punched, at least it wasn't you.
Ellen completely doesn't understand logic like this, and I wish she did. Not that I want her to get punched, of course.

Ellen also completely doesn't understand the commercial potential of a bacon danish.

I think a bacon danish would be the Ultimate Comfort Food. The reassuring um, danishness of the pastry would offset whatever guilt you'd feel about the bacon.* Ellen has agreed to try it, but I think she's still a little skeptical. I don't care. Sometime soon -- possibly tomorrow, possibly next week -- I'm going to make bacon danish for her. When it happens, I promise you'll all get a firsthand glimpse at the horror glory that is bacon danish.

* Unless, of course, you have any idea how bad danish are for you.
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