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Offbeat should sing Metal Detector

I wish I could regale you with marvelous and astonishing stories about my weekend, but the good time I had doesn't really translate well to text. It boils down mostly to hanging out with Ellen, almost hanging drywall, laundry, gorgeous weather, coffee and tuna salad with pesto and bleu cheese dressing.

That wasn't terribly interesting, but it pretty much sums up my entire weekend. The week ahead of me promises to be equally boring in print but I'll do what I can to spice it up. Maybe I'll lie a little bit (" I pointed Michael Jackson's sister in the direction of the bathroom, and then I went back into the garage where Bigfoot was using the belt sander.").

Offbeat meets again tonight. They gave me a CD last week to practice with, and of course I didn't (much). The songs were mixed for an alto to learn, so the alto part is on the left channel and all the other parts are on the right. I put it on my MP3 player to listen to in the car today, and I'll have it on repeat at work all day, but I don't know how much that will help. Hopefully a bass CD will be waiting for me tonight. If nothing else, I've familiarized myself enough with their version of Michael Jackson's thriller (complete with rap by Vincent Price Jon) and Amazing Grace (to the tune of House of the Rising Sun with a reggae beat) to be able to fake it.

Anyway, Offbeat comes up with most of their arrangements by listening to other a cappella groups (especially Rockapella) and picking out the parts. It would be nice if we could come up with our own totally new arrangements, but I don't know how they'd respond to that. I've always wanted to do an a cappella version of Strictly Genteel by Frank Zappa, but I'm not sure how well some of the lyrics would go over: "Lord, have mercy on the hippies and faggots and the dykes and the weird little children they grow." I'd also maybe like to do a TMBG song or two. Back when Quazarin was talking about reuniting to record an EP we were dangerously close to becoming an a capella tribute to They Might Be Giants (or at least recording a version of Doctor Worm). I'm not sure Offbeat would like that song, but maybe I could persuade them to do Metal Detector or maybe we could ape the Brown Derbies version of Birdhouse in Your Soul.
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