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"What's a nice Jewish boy like you doing in the sixth dimension?"

Right. So. I hung out in Janesville with Tom today. We went to a Chinese buffet, and I got this fortune:

I came up with about six punchlines to append to that, but none of them is as funny as the fortune itself, the meaning of which I completely fail to grasp.

After dinner we had planned to see Napoleon Dynamite, but uh, something came up and we ended up not going. If anybody has already seen it, is it any good? Oh, it is? Dammit. 's okay. The last few days have been ridiculously expensive and I can wait to see the movie.

When I got home I found that my preordered copy of Forbidden Zone on DVD had finally arrived. Anybody want to get together and watch the strangest musical ever made? Jim, Matt, I'm looking typing at you guys (and Sarah) since y'all sounded interested when I was describing it on the way to Chicago. Anyway, I'm sure nobody on my friends list cares terribly, but the DVD is loaded with special features, including a deleted scene in which Queen Doris of the 6th Dimension tries to bite Frenchy's left nipple off. I've gotten my money's worth.
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