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Things to look at during your last few minutes of work.

I'd Friday afternoon, and I'm out of stuff to do. This is never good. I have, like, twenty minutes left and I have to look busy. This is not good at all, because it's so atypical. If I complain to my boss that I have nothing to do, she'll get the wrong idea about my workload and I'll be screwed next week.

Anyway, here's what's amusing me until 5:00 today:

  • The Chicago Sun-Times interviews William Shatner. Good ol' Bill has a new album coming out next month called Has Been, and while his recording career has always been good for a laugh, it's better than you think. Check out some MP3s of his album The Transformed Man here (that link courtesy of evil_jim.

  • If Bill Shatner's not your cup of damn fine coffee, you might try listening to My Father the Pop Singer by Sam Chalpin. Forget about Mrs. Miller. Forget about the Kids of Widney High. Forget about Wesley Willis and Daniel Johnston. This late-'60s vintage album features an elderly man crooning butchering such numbers as I Wanna Hold Your Hand and the theme from Batman. This is bad music at it's finest (read: "absolute worst"), folks. And the MP3s are free. Get it while it lasts (through September).

  • And if you're looking for something more literary, why not try the new Mike Talbot book, Proverbs of the Pussay? Those who can't think of any reasons have apparently never read his "brilliant" Magic Worlds of Magic. Good for you.

There. I think I've probably successfully alienated most of my readers with that list. Back to pretending to work.
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