Colin Timothy Gagnon (sacredspud) wrote,
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I just found the other third of the anti-Christ

Somehow I got roped into watching about half an hour (less commercials) of the movie Bring It On tonight.

I shouldn't say that. I know exactly how it happened. I went downstairs to check on the pie I'd made (it's not turning out, by the way. Lesson learned: Do not try to improvise a pie without at least plagiarizing most of another recipe), and I got stuck watching The Family Guy. "Stuck" is not actually the right word, of course. It would be more appropriate to say that I sat down and began to enjoy myself.

Before I knew it, Stewie was modling underwear for Calvin Klein, and Nate was scrambling to change the channel before something else scary and skivvies-clad shook its groove-thang at us. Nate settled on Bring It On, partly because it features his dream girl (or one of them, anyway).

Bring It On is a scary, scary film, and for the first time I totally agree with Roger Ebert on a movie (though he may have given it too many stars).

My night is ruined.
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