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All work and no play (except um, for the one tonight) makes Colin think it's next week

This has been a hectic week, what with all the too much to do at work and the organizing United Way events, and the being infuriated by our United Way contact because he's an imbicile, as well as the going to Janesville and the moving a piano (and a fridge and a freezer, five mattresses, two box springs, and $1,800 of no-longer useful computer science textbooks (among other things)) until 1:00 AM. The unrelenting um, hecticness caused me to foolishly send out an e-mail to the wrong people asking about how next weekend's plans would be carried out tomorrow.

The response that next weekend's plans are still next weekend's plans is reassuring. I'd kind of like to bang my head against the wall, but I doubt that it would help me to keep my calendar straight. Hi evil_jim and matt_william, by the way.

That said, there's been little of interest to report of late. On Wednesday night I hung out in Janesville with Tom, and we discovered that The Bistro has upped their prices, changed their menu, and gotten rid of the tuna calzone -- one entree we both really liked. This cast a gloomy pallor over the rest of the evening from which we never properly emerged, but we were both really witty and should have been recording the conversation so that the better jokes could have been transcribed later and used somewhere.

On the way home, I noticed that all the streetlamps were off on Gorham which was odd and makes driving in my neighborhood unnerving because you can't see the pedestrians who like to ignore things like crosswalks and traffic signals. The pedestrians seem to have figured this out though, because small groups had formed on the corners waiting for the walk signal which just doesn't happen in certain parts of downtown Madison. I do hope, though, that this is just a fluke and that the city hasn't decided that this would be a good way to save money.

Yesterday I took a few hours off work to help my parents move the really big stuff to the new house. Reaching this point has taken quite awhile, and I'm glad to have gotten it done. Loading up the truck took the better part of ten hours. Unloading it took quite awhile too, thanks to the piano.

My parents have an upright piano that... Well, it's seen better days, most of them before I was born. Loading the piano was not fun, but was also not a problem. Getting it out was.

I'm not planning to purchase a house anytime soon, but I imagine that most people looking to buy one are more likely to spend more time considering how their belongings will look in the new house than how they will be brought inside. There was simply no way to get the piano from the truck into the front door without damaging or dismantling the porch. We had to maneuver the truck to the back door and jockey it into place on an incline, all in the pitch blackness of 12:00 AM in the country. Presumably at one time all four of the piano's rollers touched the floor, but this is no longer the case, so getting it into the house was a little scary.

Anyway, it's all done now. The piano is not actually in place, but it is in the house, and there's little risk of it falling over and killing anybody, which is good.

I need sleep, though. I need lots and lots of sleep, and if I didn't have plans for tonight I'd probably take care of all that sleeping I need to do when I get home. I do have plans for tonight though, so sleep will have to wait.
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