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Work, Macaroni and Cheese, and Music

It's been a long day. Well, no, that's not true. Work was long, and I stayed late. The online silent auction which was causing me such a headache yesterday eventually fell apart, was dismantled, and then reborn as a manual pen and paper process. My department had a meeting today in which it was decided that my more menial tasks should be distributed among some of the clerical employees in the department so that I can train to cover for the AEG when she goes on maternity leave.

After work I went to Ellen's. I'd promised to make her macaroni and cheese, only to discover that she didn't really have proper ingredients. I made do with macaroni, shredded jack cheese, butter, milk and garlic. It came out pretty well, considering. Anyway, I just got back. Here's the other stuff going on that I haven't told anybody about:

I have been invited to join an a cappella group. Offbeat Acappella, in fact. Folks I know who've just lost their bass. They don't know it yet, but I'm joining. I just need to give myself a couple of days to pretend to properly consider the offer. I'm a little worried because I'm quite out of practice these days, as evidenced by:

Cover of Where Your Eyes Don't Go is recorded. Download it if you're on my friends list.

Sesame Street United Way Casual Day e-mails. Curious? Here they are:

The announcement:

And the reminder:

Other stuff: Scored 120 on that test I'm not posting. Would have been higher if Crystal hadn't been so cavalier about necrophelia. Also, my cell phone bill was $2.98 this month.

Oh, and april_tehe, I'm still planning on seeing the play with you. Does Friday work? I'll call you -- maybe tomorrow night -- to finalize plans.

So um, there you go. Current status? Sleepy.
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