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R.I.P., Julia Child.

Julia Child passed away in her sleep this morning. She would have turned 92 this weekend. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, so... I think I'll let Channel 3 do it.

This saddens me because it means that there's probably no one left whose accent Robin Williams can't imitate.

But um, I actually liked Julia Child. She was less shady than The Frugal Gourmet, and could be quite entertaining to listen to, particularly when she made mistakes ("whoops! Well, keep the camera rolling. I don't have a backup and anyway I can work around it."). I remember being home sick from school one day and watching her show Rosie O'Donnell how to make the kind of grilled cheese you wouldn't be embarrassed to pay $7.50 for. She also wins extra points for having worked during World War II as a registrar for the Office of Strategic Services (the forerunner to the CIA).

I only just read about that online, and I'm sort of imagining her as a CIA assassin whose arsenal of weapons includes deadly chafing dishes, exploding soufflés, and radios disguised as chicken cordon bleu.

Research Assistant Child: ...and this appears to be an ordinary egg salad sandwich, yes?
Pierce Brosnan: No, it's got pickles in it.
Research Assistant Child: Silence. It is a highly sophisticated weapon.
Pierce Brosnan: How does it work?
Research Assistant Child: You trim the crusts... like so... and there you have it. A deadly-- oh.
Pierce Brosnan: A deadly what? Sandwich?
Research Assistant Child: Whoops! Well, keep the camera rolling. I don't have a backup and anyway I can work around it. Be a dear and hand me the paprika, will you? We'll make a bomb out of this sandwich yet.
I probably wouldn't pay to see that movie, either.

While we're all waiting for Hollywood to sink to my highest level, I suggest that you check out this site, where you can hear MP3s of Mrs. Child talking about some of her lesser-known culinary achievements, such as Grampa with Relish.
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