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[Insert overused Monday joke here]

I hope this morning is not an indication of how the rest of my week is going to go.

I got up feeling lousy, took a shower, got halfway through dressing, and suddenly got sick. I'll let you guess at what "got sick" means -- I don't really want to discuss it. Anyway, I got to work quite late because my morning routine doesn't make much allowance for um, not feeling well. I'm fine now, and there will be no reprimand for my tardiness, but it hasn't been the best start to my week. On top of that, the AEG baked a whole bunch of stuff -- some of it specifically for me because I did a favor for her on Friday -- and I'm not sure I want to eat any in my present condition.

My mood was not helped by the letter I just read from one of our merchants. We'd asked them for a letter to support their side of a dispute, and it looks great except for the fact that whomever wrote it doesn't know how to use quotation marks:
This customer "signed" a "contract" that says [we] will "only" accept a mattress back if within "30 days" it has developed a "serious" defect that will "compromise its structural integrity."
I don't care what Bob the Angry Flower says. Quotation mark abuse is not as rampant as apostrophe abuse, but it's more dangerous. Visa doesn't allow its cardholders and merchants to be grammar Nazis, so we won't lose the dispute (at least, not for this reason), but it still irks me.

That's just this morning though. My weekend was better.

Friday night was fuzzyinthehead's birthday party. We met at JT Whitney's and then went over to her apartment, where I offended april_tehe with my taste in movies. We also "watched" (appropriate use of quotes, by the way) Masters of the Universe: The Movie, and Amazon Women on the Moon. At least, I think they watched it. Ellen and I took off while people were ignoring the deleted scenes on the disc.

On Saturday my friend Monica had a party of sorts at her apartment. She'd invited a whole bunch of people we used to hang out with in high school. The idea of get togethers like this horrifies me. They're never so bad once I'm actually there, but it usually takes a fair amount of coaxing to even get me to go. Anyway, evil_jim and I mostly hid out in the corner, but it was good to see everybody else. At one point I ended up in a conversation with somebody about Star Wars. He's transferring the original trilogy from laserdisc to DVD. His plan is to sell it, recoup his costs, and send the profit to George Lucas as a way of proving that Star Wars in its original format is commercially viable. I didn't have the heart to tell him that I simply don't care (and uh, that I already own a DVD transfer of the laserdiscs).

On Saturday night Ellen and I got together and she finally saw Invader Zim, which she quite liked because, well, how can anyone not like Invader Zim? (Actually, I've heard two reasons: 1) "It brings goths into the store, and they drive away some of the upscale customers." 2) "Jhonen Vasquez is popular right now, and I hate whatever's popular.")

Yesterday... Yesterday was maintenence on Mom and Dad's new house. Moving will happen as soon as a truck is available, but Student Moving Week may not be the best time to schedule a U-Haul. My sister's car is... well, it's having problems, so there's a good chance she'll be spending part of the week at our house since she works like, a block away and doesn't otherwise have a convenient ride up to Madison. I should probably inform my roommates of this.
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