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August 6th, 2004

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04:55 pm - I'm ready to go home.
I'm coasting out the rest of my afternoon here at work. The two really big jobs I had to do have to wait until Monday because of problems in the database which I mentioned in an entry you didn't read. This makes me very angry, but until Monday, the only thing I can do about it is whine.

Nothing exciting has happened today, which is fine. It means I've gotten work done. Yesterday, though...

Last night my dad and I were going to have supper at Panera, but when we got there, the parking lot was empty. So were the parking lots at Country Kitchen, KFC, and every business in that area, except for Pizza Hut, where, beside a tow truck, a couple of police cars, and a small crowd of people, were the two most compressed cars I've ever seen in my life.

Apparently someone driving a pickup truck on East Washington Ave. had a seizure, swerved off the road, and careened into the Pizza Hut parking lot. I haven't seen any news about the incident today (but I've only been looking online). I imagine the driver was injured -- possibly killed -- but nobody else was hurt. The accident knocked out the power, hence the closed businesses.

We um, we didn't eat at Panera.

We drove down the road to Cool Beans, where I'd eat more often if I were made of money.

That was yesterday. Today has been, as I said, far less eventful. Luckily, thanks to lillia_revan, I was able to while away part of the afternoon via one of those things I never fill out unless I'm bored.

first best friend = Ben, whom I haven't heard from since Thanksgiving, 1998.
first job = Self-employed fixing computers.
first screen name = niloC.
first self purchased cd = They Might Be Giants -- Why Does The Sun Shine?
first funeral = ...maybe my aunt Catherine?
first piercing/tattoo = None. Can't have any identifying marks.
first enemy = Some little bastard named Shawn who moved away
first big trip = All camping trips were big when I was a kid.
first true love = Baseball. Um, probably Sara?

last long car ride = The ride back from South Dakota.
last good cry = Probably April.
last library book checked out = None, because thanks to a "good friend" who will not be named, I have a $220 fine on a book about law.
last beverage drank = Cold coffee.
last food consumed = Cherry Jolly Rancher.
last phone call = My voicemail.
last time showered = About 7:40 this morning.
last shoes worn = Need to be replaced.
last cd played = Tears for Fears -- The Seeds of Love
last annoyance = "Colin, since you're here 'til five anyway, can you answer the phone if I leave?"
last shirt worn = Green, plaid. Work appropriate.
last website visited = Livejournal.com

wallet = Duct tape. 'nuff said.
underwear = Apples. 'nuff said.
tattoos = Not applicable. 'nuff said.
hair = Thinning
eyes = Yes.
hands = Smaller than average.
feet = 5.833333'
room = Cluttered.
boyfriend/girlfriend = Understanding.
parents = Supportive.

boxers or briefs = Depends on the type of pants I'm wearing.
plaid or striped = Plaid.
salt or pepper = Both.
okay, ok, or o.k. = Okay.
bright colors or dark colors = Depends. Usually dark.
tic-tacs or certs = Altoids. Failing Altoids, Tic Tacs.
sunshine or rain = A healthy balance of both.
rain or snow = Snow, unless I'm driving.
sun or moon = Again, a healthy balance of both.
silver or gold = Silver.
silk, cotton, or flannel sheets = Cotton. I can afford it, and it's not as warm as flannel.
preps or freaks = Freaks.
popcorn-with or w/out butter = With.
ketchup, mayo, mustard, or relish = All four or only mayo.
shampoo conditioner in one or separate = Separate.

an animal = Robot monkey.
a fruit = Something with a thick skin and not enough pulp to be worth the effort. Pomegranate, maybe.
a vegetable = Potato.
a color = Green.
a bug = Cicada.

are you smart? = I'd like to think so.
do you like onions? = I hate those bastards. Yes.
what instruments can you play? = Violin and piano, if you stretch the definition of "play."
what words do you overuse? = Fangoriously, gelatinous, and um, linebacker.
do you sleep with socks on? = Sometimes.
are you ticklish? = ...yes...
are you shy? = Usually.
do you talk to yourself? = Usually.
do you have a basement or an attic? = Both, and have slept in the attic most of my life.
did you go to preschool? = Yes.
you a morning person? = Not anymore.
Current Mood: uncomfortableuncomfortable
Current Music: Tears for Fears -- Sowing the Seeds of Love

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