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@!%#*& database, The Borne Supremacy, and my going to bed

I need to rest. I should go to bed. I didn't get enough sleep last night. Do I ever? I guess not.

Things were incredibly hectic at work today. I'm catching up from having been gone, and while everybody tried to help, they didn't make much of a dent. This is pretty much what I expected because, well, they have their own work to do. I ended up not taking my lunchbreak, but the AEG brought in zucchini bread so it was all good. Well, it was mostly good.

Right now I do most of my work a GUI frontend to the mainframe. The GUI is written in Access. Originally, this was a clumsy and sluggish lunge toward the paperless office your parents thought we'd all be driving flying cars to in by 1983. At this point, it's a nightmare. The paper has not gone away, and things that were originally done on a single sheet are now being done first on paper, then in Access (and eventually the mainframe), and another paper copy is made to be scanned into the imaging system. While it's nice to have an electronic trail to follow when something goes missing, the database mostly drives me nuts. There are all kinds of processing exceptions it should be make allowances for, but it doesn't. When something comes up that the database won't handle, there's a long, manual process that needs to be followed. This didn't exist before the Access database. We're also told that most of these things can't be changed because of limitations in the software.

This is complete and utter claptrap. These issues could be fixed easily. There are no x-factors that I'm not considering. Fixing "Improving" the database should be cakewalk. This is exactly what I went to school for. I have big, thick textbooks on Microsoft Access sitting in a box at my parents' house, and the biggest problems I have with the database could be fixed using only information from the first two chapters of any of them. I could do it myself right now, damn it, if I had the maintenece password. I don't though, so what could have taken me oh, say, 15 minutes eight months ago took me about four hours today. I wasn't happy.

After work I went to Janesville to see Tom. He and Keith have just moved into an apartment together. Lindsay is living with Tick now, and the stupidity and "I-told-you-so"ness of that situation will not be discussed here.

Tom and I decided to take in a movie, and though I wanted to see The Village, we eventually settled on The Borne Supremacy. We'll completely fail to catch it while it's still in theaters, but Ellen wants to see The Village so in theory we made the better choice.

I really liked The Borne Identity, and wasn't disappointed by the sequel. Neither one is a great movie, but they're both exemplary action films. The screenplay of the first one was good enough that any director (read: "even Chuck Russell") could have made it look decent. Paul Greengrass (who I'm not otherwise familiar with) has done some really nice things with the sequel, starting by ditching the expected revenge story for one about redemption (which for some reason wins points from me). The action is relentless but does not suspend the plot development. Like car chases? Me either. The one in this movie is really good. The cutting and the camera work are really weird, but it's deliberate and it works. Most of the main characters are back from the first movie, and the new ones -- particularly Joan Allen -- are good casting choices. Anyway, no movie is worth eight bucks in a theater, but you could do much worse. Apparently, a lot of people are.

Anyway, it's late. Bedtime, I guess.
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