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MasterCard seminar in Chicago: The Anticlimax

Home now, and glad to be.

Last night my roommate came in and turned on the TV just as I was finishing my livejournal post. I settled down once I was finished getting ready for bed and saw that he was watching Old School, which I'll probably never be patient enough to sit through. It didn't take me long to figure out that Ben had fallen asleep (the deep, gutteral snore was a bit of a giveaway), so I turned off the TV and fell into a restless sleep. Ben is, as I mentioned, allergic to nearly everything, and the pillows in the hotel were no exception. He (apparently) doesn't normally snore, but the goose down was wreaking havoc on his sinuses, and he snored all night long. I can usually sleep through this kind of thing, but every time he shifted position, he'd suddenly get louder and wake me up. This happened Tuesday night, too, but then he rolled over and started mumbling. I was about to wake him, but he shifted again and the noise stopped.

I don't know what that has to do with anything.

This morning I got up around 7:00, showered, and packed up my stuff. The morning session was more hands-on than yesterday's stuff. We got to look at case studies and see how MasterCard's arbitration committee would rule on tough disputes. Mostly this served only to restate the fact that other people who do my job don't read enough or understand the regulations. I'm sorry. You can trust your bank -- they're not all stupid. Probably. Lunch was cold cut sandwiches, navy bean soup. I drank a lot of coffee, and met an absolutely delightful woman whose name escapes me. She's from Connecticut and her boyfriend just proposed marriage to her. I'm sure that's enough for you to narrow it down.

My boss wouldn't want to hear it, but most of us spaced out on the afternoon sessions. We played a Jeopardy! game which was really a PowerPoint presentation that didn't work very well. That was pretty lame, but I get the feeling that I would have a better opinion of it if I'd actually won some of the nice MasterCard promotional items which were being given away as prizes. I did manage to walk away with a MasterCard calculator/pen set, and a pen/mechanical pencil/PDA stylus bearing the MasterCard logo, which is worth something (I guess). Oh yeah, I also got a lot of printed material which will be helpful for my job. Mostly though, I wish I'd gotten a MasterCard backpack.

The drive home was completely uneventful. I rode in the other vehicle which was less cramped, but the conversation was lousy, and mostly consisted of "hey, see the lady in the blue car? I bet she likes it rough." I'm not kidding, though these comments were whispered at me so I think (thankfully) that the rest of the vehicle didn't hear them. Rush hour traffic out of Chicago added an extra hour and a half or so to the trip, and westopped once to use a bathroom. I got home around 7:30, called Ellen and visited my sister. I told both I was going to go to bed soon, and yet it's nearly 11:00, and I'm still up. I'm even contemplating putting in a crappy movie (the only kind I have). I think I'll do that. Talk to y'all later.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the next exciting post featuring: a dead hermit crab, Jerry Goldsmith's untimely demise, more gushing over They Might Be Giants, and all the stuff I stole from our room at the Hyatt!
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