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Pirates of the Caribbean Casual Day E-mails

Yo ho ho and shiver me timbers and such. Tomorrow is another United Way Casual Day at work, so here are the e-mails that went out about it:

And the reminder:

Director's commentary
The way these casual days work (in case you couldn't figure it out) is that in order to dress casually, you have to donate a dollar toward United Way. The dollar buys you a sticker which states that you've paid for the casual day. Most people wear the sticker on their shirt. I stick it on the wall of my cubicle, because it always falls off if I try to wear it. The sticker for this particular casual day features a pirate with a parrot on his shoulder, but the original version had a skull and crossbones, which was deemed "offensive." Also, Orlando Bloom's last word balloon originally read "let's get the scurvy dogs." I ran the e-mail by a couple of people for approval, and they were confused by the phrase "scurvy dogs."

Certegy, incidentally, is one of our major competitors.
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