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Alright (insert head bob as appropriate)

Matt's here with his fiancé, whose name I didn't catch. I'm sure she's a very nice girl, but it's a little difficult to tell right now because they're playing cards and she's tipsy to the point where she's misquoting The Family Guy. I like The Family Guy, but it's loud downstairs and I'm tired, so... I'm upstairs.

Today at work was the United Way Car Wash which I haven't mentioned until just now. For five bucks, people could get their car washed by managers and supervisors. They did a really nice job, but I got made fun of for the cobwebs adorning my side mirrors and license plates. Um, doesn't everybody have cobwebs there? Perhaps not. Anyway, we had a good turnout, and it was really nice not to have to coordinate anything this year. I have so much crap to do before next week, and pretty much all I had to do was send out the e-mails. They were fairly straightforward and nothing too exciting, so I won't post them here but -- oh, that's right. We have a casual day coming up next week. I need to make an e-mail and a reminder for people. I don't even have a character or show picked out to use yet, and the list of Stuff Colin Likes That Would Be Recognized and Appreciated While Also Being Inoffensive is wearing thin. We had a suggestion to use the Smurfs. I'm not stooping that low if I can avoid it. Maybe Rowdy Roddy Piper saying "I'm here to kick ass and wear khakis, and I'm all out of khakis."

In the morning, I'm sure that will be even less funny and make even less sense than it does now.

On a different topic, I've been invited on several occasions recently to see Fahrenheit 9/11, but each excursion has been cancelled for one reason or another. My dad and I finally saw it tonight though. I had a few sentences written about the movie, but I guess I don't have anything to say that you haven't already heard from other people. While occasionally exuberant, this is probably the most solemn, sombre film we'll ever see from Moore, and it's pretty disturbing for justifiably good reasons. There will always be people who love everything Michael Moore does, there will always be people who hate him, but if reviews are any indication, Fahrenheit 9/11 has done a pretty good job of appealing to both extremes of the political spectrum. Good for you, Mike.
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