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Little Young's upcoming marriage, genital slang insecurities, sweeping, singing, salad and soaps.

All the filth I was complaining about got cleaned up tonight. Not because of my journal of course. No, Nate's brother is coming over tomorrow night with his fiancé. Sorry, the italics aren't enough to get my point across. Let me try that again:

Nate's brother is coming over tomorrow night with his fiancé.

There, that just about does it. Matt's getting married. How did I not hear about this already (oh, that's right -- there's a reason they call me Lazlo (after the character in Real Genius))? And what the hell is up with all my of friends suddenly getting married at the ripe old age of 21? It's scaring me somewhat. Out of deference to Matt, I swept the stairs and the stoop. Now I'm listening to his a capella group, Undeclared, who are better than Quazarin ever was.


Oh, well. Visited my sister at the coffee shop tonight, and had some kinda salad. Not sure what it's called on the menu (I simply said "make me a salad"), but it had dandelion greens, all manner of vegetables, goat cheese, grilled chicken and Italian dressing. It tasted sublimely good, but with my dietetics background, I can promise that it wasn't good for me. Whatever. Anyway, on the way out, there was a couple sitting at a table on the sidewalk, and I opened the door just in time to hear the woman say, "I mean, most of the men I've dated couldn't even say the word 'twat.'"

As I walked past, I absentmindedly said "I can."

"Go you!" she called after me, but by that time I realized what I had said, and I decided it best to keep walking.

I have to stop doing that. Anyway:

you are: twin peaks

Which David Lynch movie are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

...marked for what? A million dollars? My own spaceship? Habitation by "Bob?" Incidentally, earlier this evening I talked myself out of purchasing a region-free copy of the Spanish release of the second season of Twin Peaks... Nobody's sure whether it's ever coming out here in the States (it probably will, but God knows when). The final deciding factor was the fact that the Red Room scenes are subtitled in Spanish, and dialogue like this is difficult enough to understand without being able to read it. Rest assured that I will at some point have a three-day Twin Peaks marathon, where we'll have coffee and pie and doughnuts and garmonbozia creamed corn. You're all invited and none of you will come. 's okay.
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