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I know, I know. I said that I would quit. Alright, I promise: no more after this.*

Yeah, yeah, I know, it's been They Might Be Giants Appreciation Month in my livejournal for the last um, month, but let me make this one post, and TMBG will be relegated back to the Current Music field, along with evvathang else I'm listening to.

Anyway, you all need to check out the video for the new song Experimental Film, which was animated by The Brothers Chaps. It stars Strong Sad and features various other HSR characters. After that, I recommend that you head over to where they're selling high-quality MP3s of The Spine at $0.99/track or about $10 for the album. You can hear snippets of a few of the songs, including the excellent Museum of Idiots which is presently topping the list of Songs I'm Paying More Attention To Than My Job:
  1. They Might Be Giants -- Museum of Idiots
  2. Corn Mo -- Busey Boy
  3. Bubba Ho-Tep Soundtrack -- The King's Highway
  4. Tears for Fears -- Call Me Mellow
  5. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Soundtrack -- The Trio

Moving on, today is just as bad as yesterday in the work-related ennui department. It's not even ennui, actually, it's the apathy that comes from having a ton of my own work to do, plus the added load of covering for somebody who had to leave early today and won't be in tomorrow. Combine this with the fact that I need to get as much done as I possibly can before next week. I leave next Tuesday morning for a three-day seminar, and start six days of vacation next Friday. I'll be away from work for the better part of two weeks.

I have so much stuff to get done in the meantime. Why am I writing in my livejournal?

Oh, that's right. Apathy. Could you all do me a favor and not do anything stupid with your credit/debit cards for awhile? This whole "I just turned eighteen and didn't know that porn sites and telemarketers don't have my best interests in mind" thing is getting really old.

Ah, well. Ellen's coming over tonight for the first time in a couple of weeks. I may make dinner depending on what she feels like doing. Either way, there were a couple of things I've been craving, so I made a trip to the grocery store on my lunchbreak. I dropped the goods off at home before returning to work, and it struck me that maybe the general disarray of the house would explain the inability of anybody who lives there to sustain a relationship with an actual, genuine, real, live girl.

Mikey and I are the only ones to have done it, and the consensus has been that only one occupant of the house can be in a relationship at any given time. Now that I come to think about this, it probably has more to do with the fact that Mikey lived upstairs and kept his living space relatively clean. When he moved out, I moved upstairs. I keep my living space relatively clean. Downstairs, on the other hand, is filthy. The dishes need doing. Moofasa's litter box needs cleaning. The garbage needs very badly to be taken out because somebody (actually four somebodies, and I'm one of them) figured that somebody else would do it last week. It would be nice if my rug which was commandeered for the living room would get vacuumed by somebody other than me every once in awhile.

The current situation is extreme. Things don't usually get this bad. The garbage and Moofasa's litter box only ever get neglected on rare occasions in winter, when Nate is at the cabin and everybody else is working or at school or whatnot. Still, Ellen may not want to spend a whole lot of time in the downstairs portion of the house.

I can't say I blame her.

* No points for getting this because I just posted it like, last week.
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