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I don't take wooden nickels... I make them.

You know that feeling you get sometimes when you're at work, and you have a metric butt-ton of stuff to do, but you just get so bored that you can't bear even to think about considering the possibility of maybe mulling over the chance that you might actually do it?

I had that today.

One of my duties is to divide between my coworkers and myself all incoming work that's not already addressed to a specific person. More often than not things don't divide equally, and somebody has to take one more task than everybody else.

Today I wasted a good hour writing a feature-laden program to randomly assign that task when it happens.

The program (which doesn't really have a name, but I'm thinking of calling it dillydally, lollygag, piddle, potter, or shirk) had to be written in DOS because I'm not installing any windows development tools on my work PC (that's a no-no). It's a really great piece of software, though. It maintains a database of the people to whom tasks get assigned and expresses the number of times each person has been chosen as a fraction. You can toggle between having it assign the task randomly or having it assign sequentially. You can also customize the beep that it makes when an error is encountered, and it features extensive error handling routines in case the database ever becomes corrupted.

Sometimes I think that my skills are wasted on this job.

Other times I think that I drink too much coffee.

Speaking of which, Sarah's working tonight at In the Company of Thieves. Perhaps I'll stroll down there.
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