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For lack of a better subject, vote for Ribs and Meat.

I was pretty lazy yesterday, which is fine. Nate and I decided on a whim to attend a matinee of Spiderman 2, which I enjoyed very much. You're right Brian -- Doctor Octavius should have been developed differently -- but otherwise, it was fun. Kudos to Sam Raimi for turning out to be a really good director. Soundtrack by Danny Elfman is awesome, but sounds derivative of Christopher Young's soundtrack to Hellraiser 2: Hellbound. Maybe that means it sounds like the Elfman's soundtrack from Batman, because I always thought that Hellraiser 2 sounded derivative of Batman. After the movie we ate a late lunch at Stillwaters, I finished some laundry, and headed over to Ellen's.

Ellen just got back from visiting her father for a week, and she had a good time. We'd been invited by Nate to attend a showing of King Arthur, but Ellen was understandably exhausted. I want to see King Arthur, but I don't care enough to put up with having to watch it in a theater. Besides, I'm not sure what to expect from it. The cast is obviously very solid (after seeing The Hire, I'm pretty much a Clive Owen fan), Antoine Fuqua is a great director, but producer Jerry Bruckheimer makes crap (with one notable exception), and I'm not a fan of Hanz Zimmer's soundtracks.

Instead of seeing King Arthur, we had dinner at Jade Garden, and Ellen indulged my inner fanboy by sitting though Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns with me (which she liked, by the way).

Anyway, here are a few links I've been meaning to post recently. Knock yourself out.

Vote Ribsin Bacon / Meat-A-Burst in 2004! There are new campaign videos at the official campaign site featuring me in my endless tour across the kingdom country spreading the message of Ribsin Bacon. Check 'em out, yo.

Tired of being caught "pressure washing the friend?" Find a new nickname for uh, you know... "spraypainting the lucky bus" with The Always Amusing Euphamism Generator!

Hey, nocturne152! Remember that link I said I'd post the other night? Well here it is: Cubonics: Slang from Cubicle Land. Courtesy of Al Lowe, who created Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist, Leisure Suit Larry, and the much underrated Torin's Passage. If anybody's still reading, he was also Disney's entire software division in the early to mid '80s.
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