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Short post-concert post (best when accompanied by the music of Ennio Morricone)

~ T H E    G O O D ~
  • They Might Be Giants performed a better concert than I've seen them do in awhile. They did play The End of the Tour and Stomp Box (which I've never heard live). Opened with She's An Angel, and did not play Istanbul, which earns points because I'm sick of that song. Spin The Dial worked as well as it ever does. New songs were played: The Spine, Memo to Human Resources, Stalk of Wheat, Wearing A Raincoat, Prevenge, Experimental Film, and Bastard Wants To Hit Me. They've lost a Dan and added a Marty. Honestly don't believe I've seen a live performance of Ana Ng before, and it rocked. None of the high schoolers around me knew it, though.

  • Opening acts were better than usual. Common Rotation was like any accoustic college band you know, but the songs were original and funny. Good set. Corn Mo is one part John "Bluto" Blutarsky, one part Freddie Mercury, looks like Meatloaf, and wields an accordion. He did not disappoint (unless you ask everyone I was with). Even if the rest of his set had been astoundingly mediocre, he ended with a sing-along cover of We Are The Champions which left everybody pumped and happy. The high schoolers next to me didn't know the song.
  • The Veggiestix from Toppers that should be at my door within the next fifteen minutes, and the personal time I've been granted at work so I don't have to worry about being up this late.

  • Unless he's a brilliantly good liar, nocturne152 had a great time.
~ T H E    B A D ~
  • The price of a TMBG concert, three CDs, and a triple order of Topper's Veggiestix.

  • Trying to describe Michael Shelly's drummer to Scott, and being asked if I'm trying to start a mosh pit.

  • That jerk who muscled his way up to the front and proceeded to improvise a dance that requires no less than five feet of floorspace in any direction.

  • The fact that nobody within ten feet of me was bouncing, and they were all afraid to hold eachother's hands during the song Drink!

  • Getting weird looks for being the only person in your part of the audience who knows the words to songs like Memo to Human Resources and Wearing A Raincoat, although they've been available for months.

~ T H E    U G L Y ~
  • Rodney Dangerfield in a dress.
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