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News In Brief 2: Dead By Dawn (They Might Be Giants edition)

Happy birthday, Mom! Today is my mom's birthday. Despite having raised two (good) cooks, she always insists on cooking, so my sister and I were relegated to cream cheese frosting and veggie tray detail. I hope she likes the harmonica stuff my sister and I gave her.

They Might Be Giants are playing at the Barrymore on Wednesday. I'm picking up my ticket tomorrow. I have preordered their new album, The Spine, and it's all I can do to keep myself from locating the album online and downloading it to hear the new songs. I've downloaded a couple of live shows (a practice they do not discourage) and am really looking forward to the concert. Having a hard time not listening to the new songs, but succeeding (so far).
Thunderbird is going to be on this album. Thunderbird is a song TMBG was playing live around '98 and '99. Everyone was dismayed when it didn't show up on their live album (Severe Tire Damage), and we were even more dismayed when it dropped from concert rotation altogether. I'm slightly worried because there's a fair amount of "meh" in the reaction from those who have downloaded it to listen early. TMBG has a habit of making substantial changes to their songs between concert performances and studio recordings (consider Man, It's So Loud In Here which started as a hard rock tune and was released on Mink Car as a synth-heavy dance number), so I'm not sure what to expect.

The End of the Tour is back in concert rotation. This song appeared on 1994's John Henry, and was played during that tour, but they stopped playing it shortly thereafter. Why? Because it's a depressing song about a band never touring again. It's back, it sounds great, and on the bootleg I'm listening to, Flansburgh just introduced it as "a song based on a lie." Not so depressing.

What else can TMBG (reasonably) do to make me happy? Not much. They're working with The Brothers Chaps, Thunderbird is on the new album, and the concerts on this tour are reassuringly very good. Maybe they could consider making a new studio recording of Hell Hotel which appears only on their 1985 demo. They won't, but maybe they could. If I wasn't being reasonable, I'd ask for a theme song.
Local police have (apparently) nothing better to do than see if I'm carrying my driver's license. Was I driving erratically? Did I run a red light? Was I speeding? Is my car leaking something pink? Did I run over an old lady and not notice? No, no, no, probably not, and no. He just wanted to see if I had my license on me.

I should download the new version of Semagic because this one keeps prompting me to. Also, the Search/Replace function on this version doesn't work. At all. And it ate an entire entry earlier.
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