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Those following politics should check out the Ribsin Bacon / Meat-A-Burst Presidential Campaign site because we have our first celebrity endorsement -- Hollywood agent Jerry Orange!

The rest of you can look at this stuff:

July's MP3 of the Month is up, so get it while it's hot. It's an orchestral sort of thingy called Time Might Be Running Out.

My Best Friend is thebitingfaery
Our 20 common interests are: art, brian froud, bruce campbell, classic rock, classical music, commander keen, david bowie, douglas adams, eddie izzard, geeks, indiana jones, jim henson, kids in the hall, labyrinth, monty python, mythology, red dwarf, strong bad, the beatles, the phantom tollbooth
Who is your best friend?
Created by macoto

Wow. I don't even really know this person. And now I'll have to rererereread The Phantom Tollbooth soon. The next closest are tlhinganhom (11 interests) and evil_jim (9 interests).


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