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Woah -- I'm done with work.

Holy sack, I've had a productive day. No, really. I'm so caught up at work that... well, I'm actually genuinely really truly caught up. That doesn't happen. Last week when my boss moved two people to another department, some of the menial duties got redistributed. These duties are now assigned more logically and this will free me of (about) three hours of work totally unrelated to my job.

I'm reasonably thrilled.

I should be organizing my desk or something like that, but posting to my livejournal is more fun. I don't have anything special to talk about though, and I have to be here until 5:00 for phone coverage, so I'm going to ramble about Everybody Loves a Happy Ending, the new Tears For Fears album. Has anybody heard this yet? No, of course you haven't -- it's not out until September 14th. I've heard it though, and it's remarkably good. I don't even like Tears For Fears.

Everybody Loves a Happy Ending is the first colaboration between Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal since Smith left the group in 1989, and it has this very neo-psychadellic sound. Sort of the same over-produced, grandiose style The Beatles were using during the second half of their career. Actually, a lot of Beatles influence can be heard on this album, but that's not a bad thing (unless you think music can't be brilliant without being groundbreaking). You can hear the first single off the album, Call Me Mellow, on their exceptionally Flash-intensive site. Definitely will have to pick this one up when it comes out.

Also went to PrePlayed today, and discovered that seventeen bucks will get you copies of Mike Oldfield's Five Miles Out and the soundtracks to Singin' In the Rain and The Good the Bad and the Ugly. Quit snickering -- they're good.
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