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June 26th, 2004

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09:48 pm - New Quazarin site, for those who care
I am tired and my room is full of stuff I've taken hom from my parents' house. Still helping with the move, and it's going to take awhile. Those who don't understand why this move is taking forever have obviously never had to move out of a house that's been in the family for nearly a century and a half. There are paintings and photographs, heirlooms and keepsakes, furniture, honey extraction equipment, tons -- literally -- of propolis that need to be disposed of, and none of that is stuff that my parents actually consider theirs. New homes need to be found for things that The Family can't bear to lose. I lightened the load by two small boxes and a fan this afternoon.

Rocky tonight. I may try to take a short nap this evening, since I got somewhere in the ballpark of four hours of sleep last night. Just at this moment four hours is more than usual, but at 4:00 AM on Sunday it'll be taking its toll. I'd like to be awake for the show. Ellen's out of town this weekend, so if anybody else wants to try to take me home, now's your chance because she won't be there.

Anyway, I'm gonna go take that nap, but before I do, I might as well mention that Quazarin is back on the web. What's Quazarin, you ask? It's the fun but not very good a cappella group I sang with a few years back. I've had a couple of e-mail requests for the CD, so I contacted Mikey and we decided to dedicate part of my site as a new shrine to Quazarin. Check it out here, and please believe that I've grown beyond my memories of high school.
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Date:June 27th, 2004 05:36 am (UTC)

Quazarin. Nice. Thank you.
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Date:June 27th, 2004 04:48 pm (UTC)
Sarah is the only one to have seen the spirits, and she doesn't talk about it with us. I'd chalk it up to my sister wanting more attention were it not for the fact that for the first couple of years or so that we lived in the house, human footsteps -- too loud and regular to be coming from a squirrel or other animal -- could be heard coming from the second floor at night when there was definitely nobody up there. I loves me those run-on sentences.

They're moving out of the house simply because my parents have for some time wanted to live in the country.

But um, I'm glad to get the Quazarin stuff back online. What I'd like to do -- despite the fact that people are only going to download the MP3s and glance through the other stuff -- is get ahold of the Chrises and get some input into the site from everybody who was in the group. We'll see.
New Quazarin site, for those who care - Garmonbozia for the soul. — LiveJournal

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