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Not fired, but not drinking iced coffee, either.

Hot and sour soup for lunch today. Fortune cookie reads: "You will be sharing great news with all the people you love."

I know I said I'd tell y'all on Wednesday whether I lost my job or not, and then I completely failed to bring the subject up. As I mentioned some time ago, my department is overstaffed by two people. On Tuesday a special meeting was called and we were told that after much deliberation, it was decided that two people would be moved to different positions within the company. We were told that if anybody was looking for a change of pace, they should volunteer by 11:00 on Wednesday morning, otherwise my boss would have to make the decision.

I don't know how it happened -- whether two people volunteered or if they were simply chosen (which my boss really didn't want to do), but by Wednesday afternoon two people had been selected, and neither one was me. I'm very glad about this. The two who moved are basically doing exactly what I'm doing now, but they're doing it with debit cards rather than credit cards. As a matter of fact, one of them is filling exactly the same position I vacated in favor of this one. Why would I rather be here than there? Company politics. The fact that I like my current coworkers better. The up to 25 hours of overtime/week that people are putting in to cope with the überworkload. This is the shape that department was in when I entered it, and I picked myself as a prime candidate to be moved since I know their work and the system they use better than anybody else in my own department does. Ah, well. Such is life. I'm not complaining.

Anyway, that's the work news for today. Right now I don't feel like doing any work, but that's about average for Friday, and I'll finish everything I need to by the time I leave. Would like very much to make a Gloria Jean's run but I'm not doing it unless my boss endorses it, and she won't even consider such a thing if the AEG doesn't suggest it first. Payday is next Wednesday and the AEG just told me that she's out of cash so there's very little chance of the coffee run happening.
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