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Time heals all wounds, but late 80s synthpop is quicker.

I had this pissed off, depressed post that I was working on before my lunchbreak, but I'm feeling a bit better now thanks to a heavy dose of late 80s synthpop and having something in my stomach. Briefly, here's a summary of the petty pissed-offedness:
  • I get depressed when the barometer falls, so the rainy weather just makes me want to go home and watch Twin Peaks.

  • I was running late this morning and had no cash on me, so breakfast consisted of two cups of coffee. This did not help to wake me up.

  • Not a year goes by, not a year, that I don't hear about some escalator accident involving some bastard kid which could have easily been avoided had some parent -- I don't care which one -- but some parent conditioned him to fear and respect that escalator.

  • While working at the new house yesterday, I managed to get a vesicle on the index finger of my right hand. Mom suggested that I lance it, which has obviously quelled the swelling, but upped the chance of infection. I'm not worried about that since I'm wearing a Band-Aid over the blister and mycitracin between them, but it makes typing awfully difficult.

  • We had a partial network outage at work for a couple of hours, and everybody was getting a "Server not responding" error when they tried to check their e-mail. Somebody asked me (and she was serious) who the server was, and if he might be out for the day or in a meeting or something. Whenever people come to me with questions like this, I feign ignorance, but I shouldn't because...

  • ...I should be out there putting my degree to good use. Oh, wait. Staying in Madison would limit me to designing CICS maps in assembly language and making COBOL talk to Access databases for AmFam. Never mind, I'll stick with credit card fraud.
So there you go. I'm over most of those things, except that that kid... is back... on the escalator! I'm still sort of in a bad mood, so it's probably a good thing that Ribs and I decided to get together tomorrow instead of tonight. I try not to take my emotions out on others, especially in a situation like today. Frankly, nothing is really wrong and I'll be in a better mood tomorrow. Still, I feel like crap.

I think when I go home I'm gonna watch David Lynch movies.

ADDENDUM: This is just not my day. The forecasted thunderstorms didn't come, the sky cleared up, and I'm in a better mood. Dammit.
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