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Merry Sunday!

First of all, happy Father's Day to all the dads on my friends list (all none of you). I spent the day at my parents' new house working, which is the sort of thing my dad really wanted. Later in the afternoon my sister and I cooked dinner for him -- steak, potatoes, a nice green salad, and berries with cream. Mom made the lemon meringue pie he didn't get on his birthday... It was a big meal. I'm still stuffed.

Anyway, yesterday Ellen and I made the drive to Spring Green to see the American Players Theater production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. It's not a play I'd previously been familiar with, and it was really, really good. A nice birthday present. After the show we had supper and came back just in time for me to collapse out of exhaustion. I really need to start getting more sleep. I'm not sure how, since going to bed at 10:00 PM and going to bed at 4:00 AM yield pretty much the same amount of sleeplessness.

After my little nap, we went to Rocky. We'd planned to arrive early for Ellen's lighting debut, and I spent plenty of time priming her for the massive amount of suck that is holding the lights. Lights. Pfft. Back at the Majestic when I was doing lights for Decadence, we had a spotlight mounted just below the railing in the center of the balcony. On nights when we were feeling lazy, we'd hook it up to an extension cord, plug it into a dimmer switch, and run the light (which didn't move (at all)) from the audience. It was awful -- just like most of the things I remember from Decadence. At some point the bracket holding the light broke and came crashing down into the audience during a showing of High Art.

That's probably not true. All I remember is that we had a light one week, and the next week it was gone because the bracket had broken. Tom and I went to see High Art before Rocky once, but um, I digress. Ellen and I arrived at the Orpheum only to find out that the show had been cancelled due to a broken projector. She was thrilled that she didn't have to do lights crushed because she couldn't do lights. We went with most of the cast to Country Kitchen instead, and totally threw our waiter's schedule off by arriving two hours early.

That was last night, though. Tonight, I have a busy night ahead of me, what with putting the newly-washed sheets back on my bed, restocking my mini-fridge with raspberry Klarbrunn, figuring out where my checkbook register is off by $0.05, and settling in to watch (drumroll, please) The Wizard of Speed and Time. Until tomorrow (probably), I bid you all a fondue.
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