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What the world needs now... is a shining hero!

Baby carrots and Ramen noodles for dinner tonight. The carrots because they need to be eaten, the Ramen because I happen to like it. I'm a good enough cook and have never starved myself for beer money so I've never depended on the stuff. I eat Ramen so rarely that I could almost consider it a delicacy. A really cheap delicacy.

Anyway, work was really hectic today, so I'm just chillin' at the crib this evening. I spent a fair amount of this morning putting together the e-mail for this month's United Way Casual Day, finding out that everybody else on the committee thinks the joke is too obscure and making a completely different e-mail. Our theme this time is Homestar Runner, and after the e-mail went out, I got several replies saying "HOMESTARRUNNER RULZ!!!!!!1!111" and not one "who the hell is that?" which is too bad. It's always fun to turn people on to HSR, even when it's like pulling teeth to get them to watch it (as in Kyle's case). I'm told that Strong Bad has a substantial cult following in the Customer Service department, so I'm expecting at least as good a response as last year's He-Man e-mail. What I'd really like to do is stick Dr. Gangrene, Queen Doris of the Sixth Dimension, Señor Droolcup, Fester Blatz, Bernard Bernoulli, Eddie Hawkins, Kilgore Trout, Herbert West, Roland T. Flakfizer and Captain Invincible all in the same e-mail, but I doubt that "Things Colin Likes" is a theme that anybody else would appreciate.

But uh, I digress. I brought up Captain Invincible for a reason. I've decided tonight that since I'm not doing anything else, I'll record a soundtrack album from The Return of Captain Invincible. Remember that movie? No, of course you don't. Nobody seems to, but it was Richard O'Brien's other other musical. Alan Arkin plays Captain Invincible, a washed-up ex-superhero who disappeared after being branded a Communist sympathizer. The movie takes place in the early 80's when Invincible is a middle-aged alcoholic who no longer remembers how to fly, and must save the world from his arch nemesis, Mr. Midnight (Christopher Lee). Alan Arkin's singing voice is much better than you'd expect, and Christopher Lee's voice is much, much worse. Actually, to be fair, Christopher Lee's singing voice has a lot in common with mine -- imagine me singing The Sword of Damocles an octave too low in an exaggerating operatic style and you have Christopher Lee. I love this movie, but I can only sit through it on rare occasions.

Anyway, if anybody's interested in the soundtrack, I feel safe offering copies since it's never been commercially available. I get the feeling however that this will be unlistenable to most people who haven't seen the movie. As soon as I'm done with this, I think I'll tackle Return of the Miller Tomatoes, since I've always wanted an MP3 of the theme from Big Breasted Girls Go to the Beach (And Take Their Tops Off). After that I'm off to bed. Ellen's birthday present to me is tickets to the American Players Theater production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, so that's what we're doing tomorrow. Oh, and Jim -- Atom Heart Mother hasn't left my CD player at work since Monday. Thanks!

Before I go, I joked about it with Nick, so I'd better post this... I found an impressive MP3 of somebody whistling the finale from the William Tell Overture. The link comes from this website which is dedicated to the works of professional whistlers. I imagine I could spend hours on end there.

I imagine I could also staple my head to things.
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