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Holy sack, it's like, 10:20 PM!

Where has the evening gone?

Oh, that's right -- I just spent two hours at the coffee shop talking to my sister and her friend Seth who was filling out job applications. Good to finally meet Seth after months of having been regaled with Sarah's tales of their late night burrito runs. Anybody looking to hire a 20-something stoner with a paradoxically strong work-ethic? Seth's your man.

Anyway, Sarah and Eric managed to survive Bonnaroo, and enjoyed it immensely. That was about the only positive thing we discussed. Mostly it was stories of casual acquaintences being found dead by their parents and how our friend Dave is becoming increasingly stupider and cultivating a rather nasty case of gangrene (not that there's any other kind). Those who know Dave also know my sister, and can get the story from one of them (preferably Sarah because the last time I spoke with Dave, he answered my queries by gulping down a handful of psychotropic mushrooms). Dave's Downhill Decline just goes to prove my point that Luther College is an evil, evil place. In retrospect, being told that "my family could buy and sell yours" by one of their admissions advisors probably should have tipped me off to that (I have his name if anybody wants it). It didn't though, and I didn't realize what a scary place Luther is until long after the bride seated at the piano in this picture broke up with me and my liberal, vaguely-Christian friends started graduating and coming home as fire-breathing Conservative atheists. I don't know how that works either.

But uh, the other story (the one that doesn't involve Dave rubbing manure into his infection) is really, really sad and will likely show up on the local news within the next couple of days.

On a less depressing topic, Fox News really likes Michael Moore's new film. It's a little late for Fox to throw token praise at the left without making it look like token praise, so I think this is a geniunely positive review.

Anyway, I'm gonna go but before I do, Nate says he's started reading my journal, so there will be no more Nate bashing. Oh, and speaking of which, he and Sean bought ice cream at Ella's Deli tonight and shared it with Josh and I. What great guys.
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