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"They stapled my pants to the ceiling!"

I've just finished packing that digital camera I sold on eBay, but I did manage to get one last use out of it. Since I'd taken my birthday off, I knew that my coworkers were going to do something to my desk. What I really wanted to do was go in over the weekend, clean it all up, and pretend it hadn't happened, but my dad talked me out of it. Sure enough, I discovered upon my arrival this morning that my desk had been uh, "decorated." Here are the pictures:

Toilet paper. How original.

...and here it is from a different angle.

It could have been much worse. Last year the entire contents of my cubicle were moved and reconstructed a few feet away. Two years ago, I came in to find this:

Earlier that year, the Social Committee had sent around a signup sheet where they asked everyone for their two favorite colors. It didn't take long to figure out that they were really asking how they should decorate for birthdays. I guess I somehow managed to really misspell "blue and green."

The mess stayed for about nine days, and these pictures were taken just before cleanup, so you really don't understand just how much homemade confetti was strewn about my work area. By the time I brought my camera in, most of it had been thrown away. When I finally did clean it up, the vacuum clogged and I spent the afternoon fixing somebody else's attempt to fix it, and then cleaning up the confetti by hand.

Since I'm sharing weird photos from work:

These are the pants that were stapled to the celing above my cube until the Fire Marshall made us take them down.

This is the Wall of Named Raisins which I refuse to talk about...

...and this is my pulled staple collection.

In the words of the immortal Steve Martin, "the most amazing thing is, I get paid for doing this."

Ah, well. Anyway, I checked out this thing that spidermoon77 posted in his journal, and so now I know what you've all been doing behind my back. For shame.
the_apricot runs a secret pornography ring. billlumbergh and fuzzyinthehead are regular models.
ribsinbacon, the_apricot and april_tehe are involved in a sordid love-triangle, with matchstyx totally unaware!
april_tehe knows *just* how long to hold them down for.
pixo333 got fuzzyinthehead drunk and naked, and took photos. thebitingfaery downloaded them.
spidermoon77 became turned on by the Power Rangers movie...
evil_jim is gonna pop a cap in angelic667's head, yo.

Enter your username to dish the dirt on your friends!

's okay, Phillip. I've never seen the Power Rangers movie, but I almost rented it once just because Sensurround by They Might Be Giants is on the soundtrack. Instead I think I came to my senses and rented Jason and the Argonauts. Not sure which would have been the better choice.
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