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"Now he talk like de Thing Fish and he look like a Mammy."

This has been a long day, and I'm pretty tired. I did some work at my parents' new house, so now the ginormous fence we started on last weekend is slightly closer to being finished. Another day of work ought to do it, but it'll probably wait until next Sunday because my dad has a habit of putting in 80-hour work weeks and probably needs what little rest he gets on weeknights.

We also managed to coax two five week old kittens out of the silo, which was an adventure since they're not used to people yet. The family that moved out tried really hard to round up all the cats and kittens, but eventually gave up and left those two behind. My parents do not need any more felines, so they plan to give them away to... whomever. Know anybody who wants a kitten that's less cuddly than a badger? How about two?

Anyway, I still got a (very light) sunburn, despite the fact that I was wearing a blue, long-sleeved shirt over my sunscreen. I swear... As soon as consumer-grade synthetic epidermal replacement hits the market, I'll be first in line to get one, probably with the anthropomorphism option so's I can look like a Mammy Nun. Ah know dey workin' on it. Undaneath V'ginia.

Also in the news, my life has a new purpose as of this morning. I must see a movie you've never heard of called The Wizard of Speed and Time. You can find the trailer through that link, but if you have a high speed connection (or just don't mind downloading a 10.5 meg QuickTime file), I suggest you get it here.

This looks like the happiest movie ever! And I so want to see it! And the reviews I'm hearing from my friends and seeing online suggest that for the first time ever, I want to see an obscure movie that doesn't suck! I'm so thrilled that I can't stop using exclamation points! I wonder if it can be rented at Four Star or Bongo Video?(!)

Oh, and in case anybody wanted to know:
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Oh yeah, I also got birthday spankings at Rocky Horror -- twenty four of them from jinxedkisses, and the Little Buckaroo didn't even mind.
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