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Anybody looking for a cheap trumpet?

Oi. I just got back from Janesville.

Not so, actually. I just got back from the coffee shop where I was wishing my sister a good time at Bonnaroo and walking off with the day old baked goods without paying. Before that, though, I had just gotten back from Janesville and discovered that I'd forgotten to set a custom security level on the post I made just as I was leaving work, so some of you saw... um... something I didn't want anybody to see. You didn't miss anything.

But Janesville. I was in Janesville. With Tom, of course, who opted to purchase the new Stephen King book over a birthday gift for me. Do I sound bitter? I'm not, really. If he gets me a gift, it'll obligate me to get him something next year. Anyway, we hung out, had dinner at The Bistro, and I didn't get the tuna calzone this time. change is good, but uh, we're not going to do it again.

Before I left work for Janesville (we're going to go through my day backwards here) my day had been pretty hectic. Just a lot of stuff. Planning, too, for a training session I have to go to in Chicago next month. Fun, fun. I also read a really funny fax which I'm probably not supposed to talk about, but summarizing shouldn't hurt. This woman discovered a charge of $10.66 from a merchant called Norman's. She's never been to or heard of the place, and since 1066 was the year of the Norman Conquest, she thinks maybe "somebody with a history degree" is playing tricks on her. Not bloody likely. As I said, I thought it was quite funny, but the general reaction was "what's the Norman Conquest?," so what the hell do I know?

I went to Wal-Mart on my lunchbreak, and was greeted by a wall of musical instruments -- clarinets, trumpets, guitars, and God knows what else. Wal-Mart has always sold crappy guitars (and frankly, for most amateurs it doesn't make a difference), but since when are they selling clarinets for $198.99? And would it be a good idea for anybody to buy one? I don't need to know the answer because I'm not planning on buying a clarinet anytime soon, but if your money's no good at Ward Brodt, you might check out Wal-Mart.

Oh, and billlumbergh wants to know what kind of "special day" we're having on Friday. I cast my vote for Chain-Mail Bikini Day, but we're gonna need more votes if we're going to get it.
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