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Fence posts, other people's rugrats, and my birthday dinner

Today was a fairly productive day.

I went to Stoughton to celebrate my brithday with my family. Yes, yes, my actual birthday is on Friday, but my mom works alternating weekends in a hospital, and since she'll be working next weekend, we decided to celebrate a week early. As usual I arrived late morning, and since the meal was planned for supper, my dad and I went out to the new house to put in a fence. Well, we got some of the fence in. Oh, all right -- the corner posts.

Most of the time was spent measuring and marking where the posts would go. We put the four corner posts in, plus eight more to reinforce them. The work probably would have gone faster if not for the family that's moving out of the house. They have four little girls and a boy, none of them above ten. The youngest girl would not leave us alone. She decided that my dad and I really needed spankings and to have our hair pulled, and the parents were nowhere to be seen. Then the boy came over and they got into a minor tiff because she was sitting on something. This led to a twenty-minute list of the things she's capable of sitting on: "I can sit on my feet. I can sit on a can. I can sit on a piano. I can sit on a kitty. I can sit on a worm. I can sit on a hammer. I can sit on a N'tendo. I can sit on Old Mama's lap. I can sit on a mushroom. I can sit on the steps. I can sit on..." It went on for like, twenty minutes, followed by the inevitable "what are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing?"

If there's one truly effective birth control method, it's other people's kids. Other people's kids who want to fence with their brother using your tape measure. Other people's kids who try to run away with your ladder. Other people's kids who see the level you're working with and immediately say, "oh, I know what that is! It's to hit people with!"

Oh yeah, I almost forgot -- she can't have even been in first grade yet, but she'd picked up the habit of appending the word "ass" to adjectives for emphasis. That was kinda funny, though I'm not sure her parents (whom all the kids refer to as Old Mama and Old Papa) would agree.

Anyway, when we came back I was incredibly sunburned in spite of the thick layer of SPF 45 sunblock I was wearing. Ah, well. My birthday meal, as I mentioned before, was a most resplendent feast of manicotti, steamed broccoli, a salad, fresh Italian bread (a last minute addition by Mom) and a carrot cake. Dr. Atkins would have been horrified. I ate altogether too much food, and even more of it came home with me since they're relocating to the new house this week and don't want more food around than they'll need. My sister was there with her boyfriend Eric, and it was cool to see them. They're ultrapsyched about going to the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee. The lineup looks good, I'd love to go, but not enough to pay $140 for three days of sweaty, smelly people in outdoor mosh pits. Anyway, dinner with the family was good and I was showered generously with stuff I don't need (no Yello-Dello, though). I have far too much carrot cake, so xoshua, if you're hungry, it's in my drawer of the fridge. Keep your paws off the manicotti, because it's mine. Now I'm off to bed.

Oh, before I forget, apparently the guy who played Professor Boyd in Bedtime for Bonzo is dead or something.
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