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My ten favorite (parts of) songs:

In a few minutes I head over to Ellen's house to help her pack for Vegas. She leaves really early tomorrow morning, which means that she won't be with me at Rocky. You see how much I like the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show?

Anyway, yesterday someone on Fark posted a link to's 50 Coolest Song Parts, and that got me thinking of the songs (or parts of songs, anyway) that I happen to like best. And since I'm killing time before I head over to Ellen's house, I thought I'd make a list. Here are my embarrassing fanboy preferences, in no particular order, and complete with short MP3 samples which will eventually earn me a cease and desist order:
  • The beginning of Don't Let's Start by They Might Be Giants grabs your attention and pulls you into the song. It's the reason this 20-year old song is still a staple of their concert repertoire.

  • Debora Frost has always been pissed off and female, and nowhere is it more apparent than in Medusa by The Brain Surgeons, which still gives me chills.

  • The chorus from Strictly Genteel by Frank Zappa is absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately this orchestral version of the song is missing the lyrics, which enhance the music greatly: "Help everybody so they all get some action, some love on the weekend, some real satisfaction."

  • Grievances by Daniel Johnston -- This version is actually by K. McCarty, but is basically the same as the original (sans the ultra lo-fi recording). This is such a happy, instantly hummable tune, that it's hard to believe that it's also one of the most depressing songs ever.

  • The segue between Harder Than Your Husband and Doreen on the album You Are What You Is by Frank Zappa is perfect. Two totally conflicting musical styles are simply thrown at each other like cold water on a sleeper, and somehow it works so well.

  • Information Society's eponymous album gave dance pop a badly needed jumpstart during its mid-'80s slump. Dorks in tight leather pants everywhere reveled in the sampled dialog from Star Trek, as in Something In The Air.

  • The beginning of In The Meantime by Spacehog mellows you out and then blows your mind. How can you not love it?

  • The theremin and bass line from Lightning Twice by You Were Spiraling are so damned catchy.

  • By the time Mike Oldfield added the bagpipes to Magellan from The Songs of Distant Earth, he'd come a long way from Tubular Bells, and was still innovating by successfully mixing different types of sounds as they'd never been mixed before.

  • Anyone who knows the story of Blue Öyster Cult's album Imaginos knows that the fans had been waiting for it since 1972, and by the time it was released in 1988, the band wanted nothing to do with it. Still, whomever decided to add the piano to Magna of Illusion deserves massive, massive amounts of credit.
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