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News in Brief, Thursday Edition

Massive amounts of spam evading my filter. 22 messages and counting from Gamma Distribution who seem to want to bail me out of the massive amounts of debt I don't have. Also getting solicitations from, but at least I shop there occasionally. I almost miss getting the anatomical enhancement e-mails -- some o' the subject lines were funny. I do have one in my junk mail folder with the subect "she won't laugh at you when you make her scream in pain!" Something tells me that making her scream in pain and being laughed at are the two polar opposites of the Not Getting Any Spectrum, but I may just be making excuses for myself.

Manicotti has been secured. With my family birthday dinner rapidly approaching, I have verified that my birthday meal will indeed by manicotti, broccoli, a nice green salad and carrot cake. I cannot convey in words just how much this pleases me.

MP3 is fixed. If you downloaded These Doors Are Open, I encourage you to do it again. I've posted a new version which sucks less. Still short and still sounds like Bobby Prince on an off day (or maybe the guy who did the soundtrack from Monster Bash). Original recording is saved for future generations who will delete it to conserve hard drive space, while wondering how people ever enjoyed music before Ria Paschelle invented the statiophonicoxygeneticamplifiagraphiphonideliverberator. You know what's really lame? I put in the DVD just so I could copy that word from the subtitles.

No smoking policy at work comes into effect real soon now. Not that it affects me. I don't smoke, encourage smoking, or particularly enjoy being around people who are doing it. But. All company campuses are instituting a total smoking ban extending to all company property -- parking lots included. Despite the fact that I don't like the smoke, I've never cared that my coworkers do it. The smoking area is nowhere near the main entrance to the building so I don't have to put up with smoking other than seeing people do it when I go outside, and frankly, I can deal with that. The company doesn't think so though, so the smoking section is disappearing soon. Appologies to my employers, but this strikes me as a stupid, stupid move, and I expect nerves to be on edge while all the smokers readjust their schedules. Those who think don't think it'll be a big deal don't understand just how badly some of my coworkers exceed their allotted fifteen minutes of break. The schedule in my department can be as often as once an hour, on the hour.

Finally, the LJ Stalker Finder says I'm being stalked by Hal and April.:

sacredspud's LJ stalker is tlhinganhom!
tlhinganhom is stalking you because you are really good at bowling. They are also eating your food when you aren't looking!

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LJ Stalker Finder

sacredspud's LJ stalker is westsexgoddess!
westsexgoddess is stalking you because they have you confused with someone else whom they love. They are also mentally deranged!

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LJ Stalker Finder

Listen: I am NOT a good bowler, and you can have the onion rings if you like, but I ordered the sampler specifically for the cheese fries, so hands off. And April... who the hell would you confuse me with?
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