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Don't see Abraxas, do listen to Eric Idle.

First of all, let me start by suggesting that none of you watch Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe. I checked it out for you last night, and it's pretty mediocre. It's neither deliberately nor accidentally funny, and just not worth sitting through. I did, however, learn a couple of things from Abraxas:
  1. Members of the intergalactic police force look like lumberjacks and truckers, and their superiors look like Roger Daltrey.

  2. An aliens can impregnate a woman simply by touching her, and she can give birth without removing any of her clothes. Their offspring can make you pee your pants simply by looking at you.

  3. No special effects is better than bad special effects.

  4. Jesse Ventura is a better governor than actor, and everyone I know who's tried to be a student in Minnesota since 1998 says he's a pretty lousy governor.

  5. The average woman becomes aroused when you accidentally see her naked.

  6. When the average woman encounters an alien lifeform, she will ask it if it knows how much she pays for rent.

  7. If you're a small-town cop who prefers organic produce, you're probably a pussy.

  8. Jim Belushi was really hurting for work in 1991.
Yeah. I was joking last night when I said Jesse Ventura movies put me to sleep, but Abraxas came pretty close. Maybe it was the fact that the fight scenes are accompanied by soft, soothing jazz. I'm not kidding.

So... I just got back from Gloria Jean's. I took my lunchbreak much earlier, but the AEG came up to me a little while ago acting all cute and coy and asked if I'd make an iced mocha run for her and my boss. She's one of those people who has perfected the "cute and coy" thing to get her way, but she poured it on thicker than usual today because I refused to pick up Chinese food for lunch yesterday. As if cute and coy matters. I'm not swamped with work, so if my boss wants me to run an errand outside the building, I'm happy to comply. Besides, there's an unspoken rule that whomever makes the run gets their drink paid for by everybody else.

As I said, I took my lunchbreak earlier. I used it to deposit my paycheck and have a look at the music selection at PrePlayed. I suppose as far as the entertainment industry is concerned, the sale of used media is probably the next step up from piracy, but I still buy used CDs because even in this day of high bitrate MP3s and blazing fast internet connections, used music stores give me a chance to browse. I almost never find anything I'm looking for at PrePlayed, but I always find things that make me curious and things that I'd stopped looking for some time ago. Today's purchase of that type was of The Great White Wonder by The Pooh Sticks who'd been recommended to me a several times a few years back. says the last album they released was in 1995, so I'm a few years too late to be caught up in the fervor of this brilliant new band, but hey, I like what I'm hearing and I'm going to see if I can get my hands on more of it.

Wow. The AEG wants me to make another Gloria Jean's run already. It's not going to happen, of course. I only have so much time during my day to pick up expensive coffee for other people. Anyway, before I go, I'd like to share something emjay42 linked to in his journal -- it's Eric Idle's FCC Song, which I'm sure you'll all enjoy (and if you're at work, be sure to turn the volume WAY up). You know, I love Michael Moore and Al Franken, but Moore is a little too liberal to make a good impression on the mainstream, and Franken... well, people who don't already agree with him find it difficult to get past the titles of his books. Since he's a full-fledged American now, maybe it's Eric Idle's turn to point out the obvious.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention -- at PrePlayed, they were playing Dial-A-Song: 20 Years of They Might Be Giants. I'm not likely to ever buy this (at least, not at retail) because it's a "best of" compilation, but having heard some of it now, the song selection is fantastic. This would be a good purchase for someone who likes TMBG enough to want something with more substance than Flood and (to a lesser extent) Apollo 18, but isn't interested in purchasing all the albums.
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