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The Hippy from Happy Wok

Ribs called last night to say that he couldn't work on his campaign after all, so Ellen and I got together instead. She's sick with what appears to be a cold, so chances are that I'll be sick soon as well.

Today has been very busy at work, so I didn't get to take my lunchbreak until about 1:30 (as opposed to 11:15 or so). I arrived about 15 minutes late, and though nobody seems to have noticed, I shortened my lunch accordingly. A short lunchbreak limits me to the vending machines downstairs, fast food drive-thrus, and the mall food court. I chose Happy Wok in the food court because there's nothing I'd consider eating in the vending machines, and I wasn't in the mood for fast food. In terms of quality, Happy Wok is not really a step up from McDonalds -- more a step to the side. On the other hand, reading the ingredients of a meal from Happy Wok would probably make me hungry. If McDonalds it would probably kill my appetite.

Driving around the mall area was not cool, and reminded me of some of the best advice I've ever been given: "Be careful how you drive in a parking lot, because everybody else will drive like they're in a parking lot." I was walking up to place my order, when somebody else ran to get in front of me. The woman at the register tried to take my order, but he cleared his throat at her and stepped in front of me again. She took his order, she took my order, I was rapidly forgetting about the whole incident, and then my food was up first. I picked up my order and started to walk away with it when the guy cleared his throat again and said, "Miss, I believe I ordered first." I just kept walking, but I heard the older man who ordered after me telling him to "suck it up, ya hippy jackoff." I think that's as far as it went but I didn't stick around to see, so if there's a piece on the news about a fight in the food court, I guess I started it.

I got back to work, opened up the bag, and discovered that I'd been given egg drop soup instead of the hot and sour soup I'd ordered. It doesn't make me happy, but... meh. This is not worth complaining over, and does not, in the end, affect my opinion of Happy Wok. Oh, and my fortune cookie says: "With a little more hard work, you creativity takes you to a great heights! Lucky Numbers 4, 6, 14, 18, 31, 36." That's what it says -- it's not a typo.

Anyway, getting the wrong soup is the least of my worries right now. We were informed in a meeting this morning (and maybe I shouldn't even be talking about it, but here I go) that the department I work in is overstaffed by two positions. We were told that we'd know more about the situation in a week or so, but it's clear that those two positions will be cut. Being the second newest person in the department and having few unique responsibilities, I would logically be one of the first to go. "Go" doesn't necessarily mean "get fired." When somebody's job gets cut, they've always been offered first dibs on whatever other jobs are open within the company. This includes odd jobs that would otherwise go to temps. I took one of those positions here, and eventually it led to my current job. At the time I was told that I was "here to stay," but that was also before we were overstaffed. The whole situation has me a little worried. We'll see.

On the positive side of things, today's United Way Paid Casual Day got a good response. The e-mails I sent out are below. Before you make fun of my Photoshop skills, please keep in mind that I can't use Photoshop at work. These were done in Microsoft Excel, and converted into GIFs using the Print Screen key and MSPaint. Yay for knowing what the Print Screen key does.

And the reminder:

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