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Uncle Bernie wants YOU to join the International Brotherhood of Bad Guys!

I have a big, scary meeting this morning at 10:00 with my boss's boss's boss. It's about the results of the annual Employee Satisfaction Survey, and I get the feeling that they simply selected a bunch of people at random to discuss the results from a non-management perspective. I think we're all a little nervous though... How honest should one be in this situation? There are actually some fairly major issues that I'd like to discuss which are definitely going to sound petty to this woman. How do I bring up these points without getting a pat on the head and a "that's nice. We'll look into it."?

Other than that, nothing huge is going on. Happy that it's Friday, but I guess that goes without saying. Not so thrilled with the rain, but I'm less thrilled with the weather report for tomorrow which suggests that Saturday at Great America will be a cold, rainy affair.

Yesterday on my lunchbreak I went to Borders to pick up the new issue of 2600. You may remember the trials and tribulations of my last purchase of that magazine. Thursday's experience was more entertaining:
Clerk: Are you gonna do anything illegal with that magazine?
Me: Probably not.
Clerk: Just checking. My boss wants me to ask for ID when we sell 2600, but you look more like a tech guy than a criminal.
Me: I dunno... Us criminals don't all look like George Clooney and Brad Pitt.
Clerk: Oh, are you like, part of the International Brotherhood of Bad Guys?
Me: Yeah.
Clerk: (In a hushed whisper) Are they recruiting?
I gave her a membership form and told her to drop by the Fortress this afternoon. I hate to say it, but I hope she fails the aptitude test because that means they'll throw her in the moat, and I really want to see the feeding of the new aquatic robot cows.
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