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Stupid is as stupid... uh, is.

Hey kids. I'm tired. I'm tired because after staying up until 12:30 last night, I can remember looking at the clock at 3:47 and wondering why I wasn't asleep yet. This isn't cool.

Last night I went to Janesville to hang out with Tom. The stupid situation I discussed in Tuesday's restricted post (the one nobody read) just got stupider. "Stupid" was the word Tom used, and at first I thought he meant convoluted, but now that I know what's going on, I understand that the most appropriate word is "stupid," possibly preceeded by several "really"s. We had tuna calzones at The Bistro, and I listened in wide-eyed astonishment as he recounted the tangle of events and facts that had come to light after he called me on Monday night. My head hurts just thinking about it. It's not that the situation is even complicated, it's just that... well... Oh, just forget it. What the hell is wrong with people? One day when I get more details, I'll post another long entry with a restrictive security setting, and those of you who weren't allowed to read Tuesday's entry still won't be missing anything.

After that discussion, Tom and I both needed escapism, so we went to see Shrek 2. I understand that the rest of the world loved the first Shrek movie, but I was pretty indifferent to it. It wasn't a bad film, but having seen Shrek twice since then, I find it to be on par with Disney's more recent non-Pixar fare; entertaining but completely disposable, as if Roberta Williams were trying to write comedy (which I have a hard time imagining, but until Phantasmagoria I couldn't imagine her writing horror porn either, so there you go (that would be funny if you knew who Roberta Williams is (it would be even funnier if Phantasmagoria actually was horror porn))).

Shrek 2, on the other hand, was hilarious and enjoyable. General consensus from my coworkers who saw it last night has been that it was better than the first movie (Roger Ebert disagrees with me, as usual). I guess the trick to making a good sequel with Mike Meyers is not giving him a writing credit. The voice acting -- especially John Cleese, Antonio Banderas and Jennifer Saunders -- is fantastic. Disney did us a great service in the 70's by starting to cast actual genuine actors rather than studio voice talent for their animated features, and both Shrek movies benefit greatly from the well-known voices. Some of the topical jokes will be obscure in five years, and I could've done without a lot of the soundtrack, but ultimately, who cares? It's probably a better movie than whatever other family-friendly fare is coming out this summer, and you were going to see Shrek 2 anyway.

This morning was another United Way Committee meeting. Nothing special to report there, except that tomorrow I send out the first building-wide fundraiser sort of e-mail of the year. The e-mail is already put together, and features that plucky Michael Palin dressed up as a lumberjack, and imploring all employees to spend a dollar to wear suspenders jeans. Next Tuesday will be another reminder featuring another Monty Python character. I gotta think of something. In the meantime:

Which random phallic object are you?
Quiz by Andrea.

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