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Why does everybody try to double-book my weekends?

This week started out with a couple of incredibly bad days, mostly (I think) due to lack of sleep and (more significantly) the barometric pressure, which always has that effect on me. Yesterday I decided I couldn't take it (or rather, I didn't have to), so I left work a couple of hours early with the intention of taking a nap before Ellen came over in the evening.

By the time I got home I didn't feel like sleeping, so I threw a load of clothes in the washer and sat down with my old, dog-eared copy of The Face In The Frost by John Bellairs, which I read in a single sitting. Has anybody else ever heard of this book? It's a terrific work of dark fantasy first published in 1969 that was clearly influenced by the works of H.P. Lovecraft and J.R.R. Tolkien, but is derivative of neither. Despite receiving heaps of praise from critics and authors like Ursula K. LeGuin and Lin Carter, The Face In The Frost has never been well known and goes in and out of print fairly regularly. It's a reasonably short read -- about 170 pages -- and you would like it. After The Face in the Frost, John Bellairs became a very successful writer of horror novels for young adults, and I know for a fact that some of you read The House With A Clock In Its Walls when you were like, eleven. This is probably why lists the new edition as a children's book (the spine of my copy says "ADULT SF/F"), and that's a little unfortunate because most of the people who would like it will never think to check out the children's section. Anyway, The Face in The Frost. They have it in the library system, and it turns up occasionally at used bookstores, not to mention the fact that it's back in print. Check it out. I'd let you borrow my copy, but I'm going to try to convince my mom to read it.

After I finished the book and put away my laundry, Ellen came over and we finalized our plans for the weekend. On Saturday, we're going to Great America with my friends Tick and Monica, and evil_jim. I'm looking forward to it, but if I plan to enjoy it I won't be able to make devianttouch's bachelor party, which I feel kind of bad about. I'd been asked to be a designated driver, but going to Milwaukee at 9:00 P.M. probably means leaving around bar time, and (taking into account that people have to be dropped off) getting home no earlier than 4:00 A.M. I need to be up around 6:30 and I'll need more sleep than that. Anybody who feels the need to tell me that sleep is for the weak probably gets more of it than I do, which reminds me -- I'm supposed to do a sleep study at some point here.

Ellen and I went to the coffee shop to see my sister, ordered cremosas and split a grilled cheese sandwich with avocados and tomatoes. It was really good. Sarah and I discussed birthday plans for our dad. We're getting a joint gift -- nothing spectacular, just a few little things. Unfortunately, the celebration coincides with xoshua's birthday cookout, and since Dad's birthday was planned two weeks ago and Josh's cookout was mentioned to me for the first time yesterday, Dad wins. Incidentally, Happy Birthday, Josh, and I hope you're not offended.

This morning I figured I could do with a little more sleep, so I called in at about 4:30 and said I'd come in later than usual. I didn't get more sleep, of course, but I did stay in bed until 9:00, and that should count for something. I certainly feel better than I have the last few days. I got in around 10:00, and have been busy since. I'm not sure how I've found the time to write this, but I'll probably figure it out when 5:00 rolls around and I still have a large pile of unfinished work to contend with.
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