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Smunday post (featuring out of control motorcycles, robots and Leisure Suit Larry 8)

Anybody remember that episode of Malcolm in the Middle where Lois is sick and doesn't realize it's Monday, so the kids go with it and stay home from school? No? Never mind then. I feel like I should have called in today. I'm not sick, I just... I don't want to be here, and I have plenty of personal time I could use up. I love the concept of personal time. It's meant specifically for days like this. And yet I'm still here and not even considering leaving early. Oh, well.

Anyway, my weekend: Ellen and I got together on Saturday night. We watched A Hard Day's Night (which I've not seen since middle school), and went to Rocky. Sunday morning I dragged her down to Stoughton for Syttende Mai. My mom's family mostly grew up in that area, and it's a convenient time for everybody to get together, so the horrid little community festival becomes a family affair. That part is nice -- I actually like my relatives, and I'm lucky if I see most of them more than twice a year. My cousin Maggie was there, and apparently was Prom Queen this year at Madison East so, you know. Go Maggie.

I went downtown during the parade for the first time in years which was pleasant until I turned around just in time to see one of the Shriners drive his motorcycle off the road. He went onto the sidewalk which was packed three rows deep with people, kids in front. Ambulances came, but I assumed that nobody was seriously hurt since the police didn't do much to disperse the crowd. None of the local news websites mention the incident, so it wasn't until this morning when I read the newspaper that I learned that a few people were treated for minor injuries, which, though I probably don't know the people involved, is a relief. I can just imagine the conversations that took place as the news travelled down main street:
Guy #1: One of the Shriners just drove off the road into the crowd!
Guy #2: I heard that one of the Shiners just drove off into the crowd! I hope the kids are alright.
Guy #3: Did you hear the news? One of the um, the guys in the funny hats just drove into some kids!
Guy #4: Somebody made fun of the Shriner's hats, and they started smashing into kids!
When I got home, I was pretty sunburned. Not having sunblock with me was an oversight, and I'll definitely remember it for Great America next weekend. A few years ago when SPF 45 sunblock was not available over the counter, I had to get a prescription for it, and I'd STILL burn. I have a bottle at home that I'll be using next weekend, and I'm sure I'll still come home looking like a lobster. A bespectacled, monkey-shaped lobster who could stand to lose a little more weight and a little less hair.

Moving right along, did anybody happen to catch the protest staged on campus by our Robot brethren? Neither did I, but ribsinbacon was kind enough to point to it on his livejournal. Check out the story and photos behind the protest here. The video is pretty cool, and the song in the background is Die Roboter by Kraftwerk. It really gives me hope to see that our Robot friends are finally standing up for themselves. My plan to get a whole bunch of people to hold "NO PROTEST" signs in front of the capital seems trite by comparison. There goes my career as a performance artist.

While I'm rambling about things nobody else cares about, has anybody else been paying attention to the next Leisure Suit Larry game? No, of course you haven't. You have better taste than that. I don't though, and this morning somebody posted a link on Fark to the Warcry developer's journal about the game. Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude looks absolutely dreadful. Back before Sierra originally cancelled it by closing their Oakhurst, CA office in 1999, LSL8: Lust In Space looked good to me, especially since the last two episodes had been fairly mediocre. LSL6 and LSL7 catered pretty exclusively to the same crowd that still never stops quoting Austin Powers, and between the developer's journal and Sierra's LSL8 downloads page, it's obvious that they're continuing in that direction and testing the boundaries of the ESRB Mature rating along the way. In other words, "we got nothin', so here's some dirty jokes and naked chicks."

They're totally changing the character -- Larry's last name is now Lovage rather than Laffer (after Arthur Laffer, namesake of the Laffer Curve). This is easily explained by the fact that the Larry Loveage is the old Larry's nephew, but the name change happened before the nephew decision did. They've dropped the sci-fi plot for one that looks like it centers entirely around Larry's quest for cheap companionship (as opposed to the spy movie plots he used to get into), and I've heard the interface described in a number of different places as Grand Theft Larry. Al Lowe isn't even involved this time around (but a diary of his noninvolvement can be found here anyway). The developer's journal even says that the original plan was to parody The Sims, which, given Al's other works, he would've been able to pull off. Between this and the cancellations of Full Throttle 2 and Sam and Max: Freelance Police, there are no upcoming games that I have any interest in.

I'll probably break down buy Leisure Suit Larry Magna Cum Laude in a couple of years when it hits the discount bins.

And it'll suck.
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