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With the bandage wound around his wound, he deserted his dessert in the desert.

It's raining, and I'm listening to Ordinary World by Duran Duran because that's what I listen to when it rains. Well, either that or Don't You Forget About Me by Simple Minds. Come to think about it, there are a lot of songs that I want to listen to when it rains... Now That I Have You by InSoc, Oh No by Camper Van Beethoven, I Talk To The Wind by King Crimson, Sandbox by Too Much Joy, anything by Bo Hansson, Lifeboy by Phish...

Never mind. That could turn into a very long list, but nobody reads my livejournal to see what I'm listening to. Or wish I was listening to.

On the subject of music, I notice that not a whole lot of people have responded to the other day's survey, but it was enough that I've decided to move forward on the project. The people who were initially very supportive of the idea haven't voted, but it hardly matters now that I'm actively working on it. Honestly, I expected a positive vote or two, and a whole bunch of "what the hell is wrong with you?"s By the way, I'm not so deluded that I can't see that I'm putting together the world's second least marketable tribute album. The absolute least marketable tribute album would be Stephen Hawking Drones the Best of Air Supply.

Anyway, last night saw the completion of a kickass rendition of Sweet Transvestite, but I don't expect most of this project to be so easy. Since I first decided to do this (in late 1999 or so) I've made a few of abortive attempts at Science Fiction Double Feature, none of which actually reached any level of completion because I had something very specific in mind that I wasn't able to achieve. On the other hand, Sweet T sounds totally different than I'd planned, and I like it better. I should be open to those whims. And in case it sounds like I'm taking on too many projects at once, here's the list of things I'm actually working on. It's quite short:
  • PC Speaker version of the Rocky Horror soundtrack: Once this actually starts taking shape, I'll make a website about it.

  • The Adventures of Rhubarb Bunnywing: Same as above. It's being worked on, and will eventually have a website.

  • Various and sundry music projects: All in various and sundry stages of completion. Progress is dictated by free time and inspiration.

Changing the subject completely, somebody at work just sent this e-mail to everybody in the building:
If the person who stole my Philly Cheese Steak Hot Pocket out of the first freezer would like some dessert, please stop by my desk. I also have some Rice Krispy treats you are welcome to eat.
I find this incredibly amusing, and I'd like to e-mail the guy back to see if the offer for dessert is extended to those of us who didn't steal his lunch, but I don't think I'm going to.
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