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May 12th, 2004

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11:14 pm - 100 PLAY "T120MFO2L8AB-B-B-AP8AAP8AGP4FG"
Okay. First I want y'all to download this MP3 and listen to it. It's about 582K, so it shouldn't be too taxing to those on dialup.

Regardless of what you think it sounds like, that's the second half of the reprise of I Can Make You A Man played through several voices of PC speaker.

Ages and ages ago, I promised myself that I'd arrange the soundtrack from The Rocky Horror Show to be played in this fashion, and I pitched the idea to a few of you who seemed enthusiastic (if a bit embarrassed to admit it). Of course, arranging approximately 45 minutes of music that I can't sell for an instrument that has both special capabilities and serious limitations is no small task. So:
Poll #292680 Science Fiction PC Speaker

If I actually do this, are you likely to download the finished product and listen to it more than once?

Well yeah, I mean, we're all Rocky fans/PC speaker fans/dorks here, right?
Hay-ell no.
Dude, have you been snacking on the local mushrooms again?
I've already decided that I'm doing this, but whether I start actively working on it or put it off and never finish depends somewhat on the enthusiasm of the audience.
Current Mood: dorkydorky
Current Music: Rocky Horror, 1991 Icelandic Cast -- Science Fiction Double Feature

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