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Eeeee hee hee! Woo hoo hoo!

I'm so glad I'm not Sean right now.

Nate and Mikey just came back from drinking. I don't know what they had, but they were out for less time than usual, and are quite a bit rowdier.

I was alerted to their return when I could hear Mikey at the top of the stairs shouting "get up here, bitch! We're gonna order a pizza!"

Ordering the pizza was an experience. I guess I would assume that since Madison is a college town, Toppers must receive drunken calls like this one all the time, but...
Hiiiiiiiiiiii! How you doin'? No, you YOU doin'? All right. Shit yeah, babe! Delivery. Bacon cheeseburger. Double goddamn everything. Phone number is 255-2514. Oh, wait. That's the old number. Now it's 255-2514. This is still Washburn Place, right Nate? Yeah. SEND US A PIZZA, BITCH!
Yow. By the time the pizza was ordered, Nate was upstairs, still on his hands and knees, so Mikey started throwing shoes at him. He ran out of shoes, grabbed the dry-erase board off the wall, and attacked Nate with it. Then it was the binoculars we use to spy on the neighbors. Nate managed to get into his room and close the door, but Mikey emptied the fire extinguisher on him for good measure. Then they decided it was time to talk to Sean.

Sean was asleep.

They barged into his room, and the noises coming from inside sounded like this (I had them re-enact it in my room. Scary stuff). Poor Sean wasn't angry which means that he was probably in a fairly deep sleep. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't really remember it in the morning.

They came into my room and I got attacked with the spatula. Then they wrestled around on my bed, and went downstairs to wait for the pizza.

Upon examining my bed later, I discovered that my exacto knife was still there, and still open. We're not going to mention that to the boys.
Nate: What vintage is this pizza?
Mike: Shut the fuck up.
Nate: Waaaaaaaaaauuughhhhhh!
ADDENDUM: So Sean's night didn't go any better. A few minutes later, Mikey decided that Sean wasn't pissed off enough. Topper's (for those who don't know) includes a few jalapeno peppers on the side with each pizza, and some of the pizzas come with onions, also on the side. We talked him out of doing anything with the onions, but um, after biting off the end of one of the larger peppers, he ran upstairs with it and threw it at Sean. You'd have to see the peppers to understand the problem this creates. They're full of a very pungent liquid, which means that since Mikey had bitten the end off, Sean was probably acutely aware that his bedclothes were covered in the pepper juice. Moments after Mikey came down, Sean followed, looking (understandably) very angry. Without a word, he stomped into the kitchen, threw the pepper in the garbage, and stomped back upstairs. He was not a happy man.

By the next morning, he was fine.
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