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What a ___________ day.

This has been a great day so far. All the lights on the way to work were green, and when I got to work, I discovered that all the stuff I've been agonizing over for the last week resolved itself sometime after 5:00 P.M. last night.

We ordered lunch from Red Pepper. I haven't loved their food in the past, but I was craving hot and sour soup so I ordered one of the lunch specials which come with soup and an eggroll. The eggroll was soggy (which is what happens when you have them delivered) and the broccoli chicken is nothing to write home about (and I do write home about these things), but the hot and sour soup was exquisite. The AEG also ordered a meal but she didn't want her soup, so she gave it to me. With all this soup I can save my broccoli chicken for supper, and I'm very strongly of the opinion that Chinese food is almost always better cold. The fortune I got reads "Why simply live and let live? Live and help live."

What an enjoyable, productive day this has been. The AEG and I talked at length about music, I had a very constant stream of work to do and I'm getting it all done... It's all good.

No. Never mind. It's not all good. Nothing's good. When I finished typing that paragraph, I went downstairs to put my chicken in the fridge and get something to drink. They have the truly wonderful citrus blend juice that I like so much, but I have only a five dollar bill to purchase it with. The coin machine doesn't have enough quarters to give me change for a $5, so I'm screwed.

I wish the AEG would stop distracting me and the workload would slow down. Why on earth did I order a full meal instead of just going with the soup? And why the hell am I listening to Kraftwerk? Forget it. This has been a lousy day. I'm just going to go home and sleep. Here's something stupid:
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...4) The eggs are doing well... Jason but August so thats kind... raisins and jergens hand lotion in my shoes... thing, dream-wise. I'd like to see... if his mom was being a total butt slut... about moving to cali. though there... what kind of name Leard is... gun.... i want to leave this... then n' thar, she were a... b/c tom petty is a joke...
Friend Fusion by Hutta.

ADDENDUM (approximately 10 minutes later): My boss had a dollar I could borrow. What a great day I'm having. I think tonight I'm gonna take my broccoli chicken out on that fire escape thing and eat al fresco. I love this song.
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