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I'm sorry, but I accidentally caught one of the defining TV moments of my generation.

Today was the first meeting of our 2004 United Way Committee at work. Heather and I pretty much put our collective foot down and said we couldn't be expected to coordinate evvathang, and surprisingly... they went for it. So we hope to run another kickass campaign, and this time maybe our jobs won't suffer. We hope.

Anyway, tonight after I got home, I checked in with my sister at the coffee shop and discussed Mother's Day plans. What fun. I was this close to missing the series finale of Friends, but Ellen called, so we got together, and I ended up sitting through the last fifteen minutes or so. I don't think either one of us was paying attention. Finally, I got home to discover that people won't bid $1.00 toward an unopened copy of Max Payne on eBay, but they'll fight tooth and nail to pay more for a copy of Meatballs in a case that doesn't close than they'd pay for it new. Bloody savages. Step 2, as it turns out, may be "buy copies of Ishtar at cost and sell them on eBay." Dunno what the underpants have to do with anything.

I've seen Ishtar at least twice. Come to think of it, that might be what's wrong with me.
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