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Stupid Food Day...

Tomorrow is another Food Day at work. In the past I've complained here (at least a couple of times) about my issues with the phrase "Food Day" so I won't do it now. Anyway, my coworkers are trying to guilt-trip me into making hummus. Except for the AEG, that is. She wants me to make anything but hummus, because she can't bring herself to eat the stuff. I don't care. The other choices I considered were stuffed mushrooms and spinach dip. Both are really bad for you, spinach dip is (comparatively) expensive, and I was thinking about testing a new mushroom pasta dish on Ellen tonight, so hummus wins.

Besides, aside from the AEG's pistachio bread, Paula's bagel dip and the obligatory plate of raw vegetables, there won't be anything else I'll even consider putting in my mouth. Chilled cocktail weenies smothered in grape jelly*? No, thank you.

Other than that, nothing exciting is going on. I need to stop at the grocery store after work to pick up ingredients for tonight's meal and for hummus. I can't recall whether or not I have tahini left so I'm going to buy a jar. Tahini, for those unfamiliar with it, is a spread made from crushed sesame seeds. Small amounts of tahini are integral to certain Mediteranean dishes but its incredibly nasty by itself. It's the consistency of peanut butter and comes in jars that can be stored without refrigeration until you open them. Despite this fact, the slow rate at which my tahini supply depletes makes having an extra unopened jar like having an extra, unopened 37-speaker state-of-the-art stereo system just in case the other one breaks.

The stereo system, of course, is more expensive, but at least it would be more pleasant to eat by itself. Oh, I guess I could make guacamole, but I've already pretty much committed myself to grossing out the AEG. I have to restrict myself to things like dips and simple finger-foods because I won't have much time to prepare whatever I make tonight. Besides, I don't care enough to invest the time and effort into a cellular peptide cake (wff mnnt frfftng).

What's wrong with "potluck?" Food Day. I hate that phrase.

* Actual Food Day item.
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