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"'Ello, miss? I would like to register a complaint."

Sean called my cell phone this morning while I was shaving. He saw my car outside and assumed I must be really late to work. This perplexes me, because he knows that I'm going in to work later than I used to. In fact, he should be quite aware of this since our morning schedules don't mesh well. When he works in the morning, he usually gets me out of the shower so he can use the bathroom before work. It doesn't happen often enough to justify coordinating our schedules.

As long as I'm listing morning gripes, how about that Nate, huh? Y'all probably won't remember, but a few months ago I was complaining that when I used to get into the shower at about 6:30 in the morning, and Nate's creeping schedule gradually moved my shower to 6:45, and then to 7:00. Coming in half an hour later shifted my schedule significantly forward, so now I'm showering at 7:30. Or I would, if Nate hadn't adjusted his schedule so that I'm getting in around 7:45 or later. How the hell did this happen? Doesn't he have like, work to go to? 7:45 I can handle. Later makes me late to work. I've never been talked to about coming in late, but it's come to the point where it's a habit (albeit a forced one), and that's not good.

Nate and I are going to have a little talk the next time I see him. The talk would have happened last night, but when I got home from Ellen's, all the lights in the house were off and the doors were locked. If anybody was home it would have been xoshua, but 10:00 seemed a little early for him to go to bed. At least, I hope he hadn't gone to bed, because I made some popcorn when I got home. I like my air popper, and thems are really loud.

Let's see... Petty little complaints... I know I have more of them... Oh yeah. I remember now. Post It! Employee Ads.

Post It! Employee Ads is a section of the internal website here at work where you can post ads. Some of these ads make sense to me -- having a moving sale? Selling your old truck? Can't go to that Tim McGraw concert? Replacing your PC? These are good reasons to place an ad. To me, this is the equivalent of asking "hey, do you know anybody who needs a laptop?" before you put it on eBay. Post It! Employee Ads has probably saved my coworkers thousands of dollars in baby clothes in the last year alone. Baby clothes is expensive. And come to think of it, I don't think I could go to a Tim McGraw concert, either.

But then there are people who post slightly weirder ads:
  • "Can anybody help me play Dark Age of Camelot?"
  • "Join us on Astronomy Day (at night)!"
  • "Does anyone know why my basement becomes dark, dank and spidery so fast?"
  • "URGENT: I forgot to tape last night's Alias! HELP!!!!"
  • "Need a classically trained baritone for your wedding, funeral, confirmation, bar mitzvah or the confirmation of your bar mitzvah?" (okay, I made part of that one up).
I love it when people request silly things. One of these days, I'm going to post something like this:
CAN ANYONE THINK OF A 3-LETTER WORD FOR AUTOMOBILE? I'm doing the April 28th crossword in the newspaper, and am looking for help with 37 down. It's three letters long, and the clue is "automobile." Last letter is R, the middle letter is either A or U. Thanks!
These silly requests are simply entertaining. They might get in the way if I were actually posting or responding to ads, but I usually just glance through them every once in awhile. I've never bought anything. What does annoy me are the few people who are trying to generate a second income through these ads, despite the "This is not an area to run a side business" disclaimer, which is the only full sentence in in bold print on the site. One of the people I work with is notorious for doing this. Why, at this very moment, she's selling the following:
  • two paddle boats
  • an antique trunk
  • a drink vending machine
  • seven VHS movies
  • a full-size comforter
  • a toy semi-truck
  • a toy racecar
  • an indoor basketball game
  • a Winnie-the-Pooh baby walker
  • a Pack 'n' Play (whatever that is)
  • 34 cross stitch books
  • a supermarket-style round cooler
  • a patio table with chairs and umbrella
  • a men's suede jacket
  • two boy's winter jackets
  • a women's leather jacket
  • a pizza warmer
  • a toddler lifejacket
  • a Little Tykes teeter totter
  • a Little Tykes sandbox

  • a 1987 International box truck
  • a $250 Harley Davidson gift certificate
  • a pool table light
  • a trampoline

  • Precious Moments figurines
  • a 1984 Toyota van
  • two fireplace inserts
  • a high chair
If these items sell, they will bring in a combined $3,705.00 (or best offer), and that's not counting the items she had listed, and then removed once they sold. I could understand getting rid of stuff since she and her sweetie are marrying soon, but I'm told that she has had a few thousand dollars of used items for sale for ages. Oh, well. Maybe I'm just complaining because I couldn't get $3,705 for the crap I'd like to get rid of. I'd love to post some of my old music and movies for sale, but I think I'll end up eBaying them for far less than they're worth because I'm too embarrassed to let my coworkers know about my awful, awful taste in such things.
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