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The Cleaning Chaos

Last night was quiet. Quiet, that is, until all my housemates had gone to bed, and I was seized by the uncontrollable urge to suddenly rearrange my closet. I've mentioned my closet before, and I've mentioned what a mess it is. The mess never received a proper, simple cleaning because the more I looked at it, the more I realized that what was really called for is a complete and total reorganization of my things. This is an enormous job, made more difficult by the small space I have to work with. Progress comes in small steps punctuated by the occasional epiphany of arrangement, such as the one that happened last night at about 10:00.

Last night at about 10:00 I was trying to figure out how best to arrange some new media storage racks when it occurred to me I could move the three huge Rubbermaid boxes of vintage computer games to a different part of the closet, and slide the three shelving units left by the previous renter into a different configuration. I did this, and a space was opened up. There against the yawning, audient void I saw the shapes of bowed-in drywall, and the rotting forms of an ancient stocking cap, two newspapers, and a mass of fiberglass insulation. I turned to flee, but I was held in place by that eldritch voice--no! The word voice cannot be applied to such reverberations as those! That sound...! Those words (if words they were) bore with them the tortured howls of all the ghouls that ride the night wind. I fell forward as the tears of mad revelation streamed down my face! Iä! Iä! Master! Diviner of the Unseen! He that Waiteth Behind the Door Behind the Door! His hand is at thy throat, yet ye see him not! Mad, amorphous and infinite, he waiteth, patient and potent.

Sorry. I must be channeling H.P. Lovecraft. And (incidentally) I do know how stupid the title of this post sounds to those who don't know the phrase it plays on. I also know how stupid it sounds to those who do.

Anyway, there's now this huge open space in my closet. I s'pose I could bring my papazon chair in, but who wants to put such a thing in a closet? No, it's gonna be more storage. I'm pretty thrilled. I'd be even thrilleder if the shelves against the back wall turned out to be movable (they won't -- I think they're nailed there) so I could take them out. We'll see. It's a project for another day, since tonight Ellen and I are getting together.

On a totally different note, United Way stuff is just starting up again at work. For those who don't know (all none of you), I'm one of the two people who coordinated last year's entire campaign, which was quite successful and sponsored a whole lot of events and all kinds of fun stuff. We can't do that again this year.

I'll say that again, with strategically placed italics so that you can understand the problem: We can't do that again this year.

Heather and I put a helluva lot of work into last year's campaign. It was fun but it was also exhausting, and at the very end I put in a few consecutive fifteen-hour days, and therein lieth the problem. Heather's workload has gone up exponentially since this time last year. She's not putting in fifteen-hour days, but it wouldn't hurt if she started. My workload has gone up too, but I haven't been seriously affected because my supervisor (unlike some probable virgins I know) understands the value of replacing staff when they quit. Still, if my workload remains constant, I'll only have time to go to meetings, send out clever e-mail announcements, and give the big pledge drive presentation in October. That's about it. If we're going to hold bake sales and car washes and ice cream socials and circle jerks, somebody else is going to have to plan them. Many times last year we asked for other people on the committee to step up to the plate to help plan events, and it happened only rarely. The two of us have too much to worry about at this point though, and if we have to do all the planning and coordinating, very little will get done.
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