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April 23rd, 2004

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08:36 pm - Things you can't talk about at work
I'm waiting for Ellen (and for my bedclothes to dry in the washer). Anyway, some highlights from my day at work:

Gossip Today everybody in my department came in to find a printout of the Dictionary.com definition of "gossip." Well, everybody except for the hearing-impaired woman, the guy who never talks to anybody, and the living embodiment of the phrase "she's a character." At first people were wondering if perhaps we were being chided for our extracirricular conversations ("extracirricular" because I couldn't figure out how to hyphenate "non work related"), but as it turns out, nobody will confess to having done it, and my boss is angry. She's put in a request to network support to determine who has been to dictionary.com recently. We'll see who gets fired.

Virgin management The AEG and I were discussing my old boss (the one who's making life in his department a living hell), and she says she thinks (and she was perfectly serious when she said this) that his problem is that he's a virgin. Now, there are plenty of 30-year-old virgins out there (I can produce four attractive ones for anyone who doesn't believe me). but this guy is nearly 50, and he's in a pretty stressful position at work. I know him well enough that it would explain a lot to me if that turned out to be true. Any takers?

Anyway, yeah. Gossip. None of that goes on at work. Ever.
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Date:April 24th, 2004 01:17 am (UTC)
Non-work-related. There ya go. And it sounds a hell of a lot more...normal than having extracirricular conversations, which are apparently taking place outside cirrus clouds. Then again, I've never had a conversation in a cirrus cloud, and I'm drunk right now, so what do I know.
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